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Thread: Yeah...New here

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    Yeah...New here


    So ehhh yeah I am a dude that likes video games and stuff...

    Serious : I was born in Maastricht (The Netherlands) on the 27th of November. I still live there.

    I'm here for some months now (Just reading some articles and stuff) because I never know what I should say. Well now I do...For now. My fav games ? Probably the Paradox games (Hearts of Iron, Europa Universalis etc) I am terrible at games like CoD. I like the calm games where you let others fight. Things I do ? Playing games, reading books (History) and ehm.. Trying to find work. Anyway I hope to be a addition to the forums.

    P.S I can't spell...Stupid grammar

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Any specific books or music that you have enjoyed or been interested in?

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Mostly WW2 books actually

    But thanks for the kind words everyone! The meat thing is pretty scary but I can live with it

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    Welcome to the forums. Go now. Explore.

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