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Thread: PS3 FNF: Februay 15

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    PS3 has no games.

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    cod is crossplay?

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    Nah, she said she had PS All Stars on Vita.

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    Sorry, I forgot about daylight savings and I couldn't play that late cuz I had class in the morning.

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    Is your clan really SOUP?
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    You're welcome
    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    Wait, isn't it cross play? You could join if you wanted to.

    Also, I got both Vita and PS3 versions with mine, thought all copies of the game came with both games. Maybe it's different with physical copoes?
    I forgot I could play with PS3 owners.

    Boyfriend got the Vita on the awesome Amazon sale for the Assassins Creed: Liberation Edition, and it came with a code for PS All Stars, which does not contain the PS3 version apparently. So I can't play it on the PS3, but I suppose he or I could play it on the Vita for FNF.

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