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Thread: Brassman is here and you can not even believe this

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    Brassman is here and you can not even believe this

    Hi there.

    I've been on Dtoid for a while, but never got around to making a profile on a forums until now.

    I'm usually on TF2sdays and FNF for TF2. If you know any of the guys from Nevercare Studios, I usually shoot the shit with them.

    Would like to meet new people, which is always good. Was almost going to make a OKDtoid profile when it was up last April fools.



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    What sort of games you into? Got a favourite?

    What sort of books and movies you into?

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    Hello Brassman. Do you enjoy Brass Monkey? Do you have brass balls? How many? Can you get down to brass tacks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhilKenSebben View Post
    Do you enjoy Brass Monkey?
    How could you ever not like beer and OJ??

    Also, welcome new guy.

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