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Thread: Dragonborn. Does he have one specific character trait? DISCUSS.

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    Yeah, I like how the character you play is essentially you or a version of yourself. Even if the world is not able to react to every nuance of your character, it's still there for you. I can follow around that one Argonian all day long. Waiting. Watching. It's not that I want to kill him, it's that I want him to know it is only a matter of time and that it will happen on a whim. I'm a Schroedinger time bomb waiting to go off in his face. Yeah fuck you and all your scales.

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    Fuck all Argonians. Kill them all I say.

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    Fuck them or kill them? Make your mind up!

    I know, I know. Both.

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    I'll rape them to death, eat their flesh and use their scales for my clothing. I might even do it in that order.

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    Most people would look at pages like this in the forums and think Destructoid has bad or weird people in its community.

    If the majority would do that would it make them correct!?

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    Also yes.

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    lol. Having character traits would involve characterization in a Bethesda game and that is something that will never happen.

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    What arg said. Dova's only character trait is that it is a mute.

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