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Thread: The Bar: Part 3

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    I didn't get on space mountain because it's in DisneyLand a.k.a. WhitePrivilegeLand.

    Check your privilege at the door, racist.

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    How important is it that you go to school in a state that ranks high in education? How much does that play into your success?

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    17,906 posts since Mar 2009

    You've asked this already, it doesn't matter unless you're trying to get into a fortune 500 company or some shit. Fuck what your peers scored, if you scored great than you'll get your cash money.

    Look at Kobe, so good he decided the forgo College and own the NBA for the past decade and a half

    If you're good, you're good and that's all that matters. Get good like Kobe.

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    Do you really think this is the best place for that kind of question? A google search would do you way more good.

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    I'm pretty sure that VG_Addict is an actual legit OG-style troll that posts stuff like this to incite the reactions that he's getting right now. I thought that everyone knew this.

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    He isn't. He's just silly. He couldn't troll his was out of a Subway sandwich.

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    272 posts since Oct 2012
    I don't believe I've done anything that would fall under, "trolling".

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    Naw son, you know what you do. And I know it too. Don't act like you don't know what trolling is with them quotation marks, it's 2013.

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    He trolled the hell out of me for quite some time.

    (image related)

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    I'm definitely showing symptoms of being trolled.

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    I bet he doesn't even like video games. I bet he has two masters degrees, and he runs a Fortune 500 company. This is what he does to blow off steam: Coming in here and asking us the same question once a month about college, like we're on some Student Services/Financial Aid Desk type shit.

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    But am I wrong tho?

    Until I see a birth certificate and his college application, I think not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    He trolled the hell out of me for quite some time.

    (image related)
    Schlotzky's is better than Subway.

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    Did they get your order right?

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    Guys, I know a sure fire way to tell whether we're dealing with a troll or not.

    VG, out of the states depicted in the map, which one is the capital of dairy farming?

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    The bottom right.

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    22,144 posts since Oct 2009
    Wrong, Rev. That one is Mexico.

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    Aaaaand I just bought a Fleshlight...

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    Ok fine I was kidding. It's actually Norway.

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