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    So after being reminded twice to create a introduction thread i may just as well do it.
    Its going to be a long post as i like talking about myself (yay vanity) and i like forums so combination of two.....
    So, here we go.....
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    Hello, i am a 23 years old. I am studying Accounting and working at national statistics office, so im a number nerd. Lliving in Lithuania. And no we are not Soviet Union.
    I am also a big computer fanatic, though starting from sega, quickly following to PC and not looking back. I was instantly attracted by games of all ranges, from settlers to heroes of might and magic, from warcraft to neverwinter nights and this has put deep seeds into me. When i finally got connected to internet i got sucked into a mmorpg called Tibia that i played for over 9 years. Been through cold and hot there, anywhere from GameMaster to a most hated person in the community. Currently i quit that mmorpg and play another mmorpg called Eve for almost 3 years and 2 months. however unlike Tibia, eve does not take all my computer time. So the story comes into the present where i ended up being exremely social, obsessive person trying to do more things than he could in 5 lifetimes.
    Each day i visit at least 5 forums and am actively participating in them. I have a quite large music collection that i am proud of. I am mainly into rock and metal, but i can tolerate most kinds of music. My profile may show you more about it. I read books both in original paper and computer-text formats, and i especially like audiobooks because they allow me to read a book and play civilization at the same time! Not to mention the hours of time i save that i have to spend in bus every day. And considering my lists of "music to listen to" "books to read" "movies to watch" and "games to play" multitasking is a must. I am also a movieholic, with over 2900 movies/tvshows seen and rated on IMDB and going fast on the movie front. You can take a look at my IMDB voting history if you want (altrough it only shows up if you are registered at IMDB, which sucks, but thats how it is).
    And finally we come to games, something which i love but don't have much time after everything. i play everything from rpg to shooter, from turn based strategy to racing. there is only one genre that i don't like and that is sports games. i don't like sports in real life so i guess thats that. my X-fire profile may reveal more, though i must note that xfire lacks support from many older games and a lot of games like Tibia or SAMP only received support after i gamed thousands of hours of it and thus not counted it. Also i had problems with manual set-ups of installations so some games simply refuse to show up. The raptr is easier for this, because it allows manual game tracking. It also imported my xfire almost correctly so my gaming history is in there too. I am very thorough when it comes to games which means i usually don't give up and collect all collectibles even if i find it boring more or less. thus you may see some interesting times on my profile like it took me 187 hours to finish Grid once because whenever i started a championship i played it till i got to the top of hall of fame, and sometimes it meant 18 times in a row. Yes, i am that obsessive.

    Well what is more there to say. you already have my, imdb raptr and xfire profiles. i have an Msn (now called windows live messenger) profile since the times it was actually any good. You can add if you want. You can also add Strazdas0 on skype. I don't use steam, because i saw where steam started, didn't like it at all, then found xfire which is as good substitute as any. i boycott steam-only games. i hate the [s]new[/s] now a norm ubisoft restriction of playing games only connected to internet. I play my games on a laptop (4 years old) instead of my desktop (10 years old) because it is more powerful and portable. if i am, say, in a bus driving, i don't have internet, thus i cant play singleplayer of ubisoft games. This is madness.

    I am against drugs, i am against alcohol, i am against smoking.
    I see two greatest pleasures in life: eating and access to computer, thus it has lead me to be overweight, about which i have no complexes whatsoever (nothing wrong with some breast physics now is there, hehe). Currently Job and studies take around 80% of my awake time, that leaves much to be desired. Which brings me to another topic. I sleep 8 hours a day, minimum amount required for me to feel good. I consider sleep a waste of time, we sleep away third of our lives. And even though even 48 hours a day wouldn't be enough for me, 8 hours lost each day is a real annoyance.

    Currently on my lists of "things to do when time aviable":
    Music: I worked hrd to push that one dow and that means i have only approximately 60 hours of music that i havent heard of but i want to.
    Books/Audiobooks: Read approximately 400 books and listen to 6 audiobooks.
    Movies: around 400 movies on the list to watch. the list is dissapearing very slowly, but that takes quite some time as new things are beign added all the time.
    Games: After realizing that i really just dont have enough time to play all that i want i lowered that list, and as such it is limited to 127 games. Full list in aphabetical order can be found here. The list changes as new games are released and added and as games i play through are removed, so its alive thing and nothing is set in stone.

    So, who is up for a 40 hour marathon game of civilization 4?

    TL;DR: stop being lazy and read the post. Ok, well, hi i like many things.

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    Great intro, welcome!

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    Well thank you, thank you, one tries to impress in order to assimilate and pretend to be part of the inner circle :P

    Hopefully ill stop being fresh meat soon too, this picture scares me.

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    Jesus, that intro. Well done, good sir.

    Welcome aboard.

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    My goodness what an intro. I need a break and a cup of tea.

    Welcome wanderer!

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