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Thread: Binary Chode (Don't call it a comeback)

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    I also went off on a tangent about cucumber sandwiches that came out of nowhere. You should be thankful I found a way to tie what I think about to whatever I said we would be talking about.


    "Males become sexually mature at 10–11 months, while females are sexually mature at the age of 2–3 weeks whilst still blind, deaf and hairless, and are usually mated with adult males before being weaned.[27]"

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    That seems absolutely terrifying. Thrown to the world, literally senseless in key areas, then molested.

    Fucking yikes, dude.

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    Guess that where that "old enough to crawl" phrase comes from

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    Fine contribution to Nightmare Fuel right there. It has potential anyway.

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    Imagine if there were other animals analyzing the strange rituals that we do and having similar reactions.

    Nature is crazy

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    Binary Chode 005 - Google Docs is the worst game ever

    This episode is so many firsts. It's the first time we have a guest. (it's Tarvu, the Destructoid Forum's most beloved curmedgeon bird man). It's the first time we record in the morning instead of at night. The first time that Jon is late with editing because of wonderful personal news (he found a man and a couple bottles of wine). And the first time that the title of the episode has absolutely nothing to do with what you'll be listening to. Luckily, someone screen captured the moment when Google Docs turned into the worst game ever. Another episode title considered for this show: "Goddamnit, Levi."

    You should also check out the episode page itself since a pretty big portion of the discussion involves a website that would probably get the post banned if it linked directly.

    The opening theme is Cashflow by Beardfish. The ending theme is bitterfly by etc. Give them a listen if you like what you hear.


    Labiaplasty, Part 1

    The Scary New Butt Beauty Trend
    Why Asteroid Mining is Necessary
    Paintballs May Deflect an Oncoming Asteroid
    Keeping the Standard Kilogram from Gaining Weight is a Constant Struggle

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    I enjoyed playing Google Docs.

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    Now Joe's sweet voice can soothe me to sleep.

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    Sweet! Just caught up with the last few episodes, downloading this to listen at work tonight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Watermanx View Post
    Now Joe's sweet voice can soothe me to sleep.
    I can make a recording if you want. Or send you radio clips... nah.

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    Ear Fap time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    Ear Fap time!
    Have you listened to this show? We had a discussion about ugly vaginas. You know, because we are experts down there.

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    Not listened...but saw the links!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowBear View Post
    Not listened...but saw the links!
    So after viewing the links, do you agree that vaginas should just be left alone?

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    I think it is up to the lady in question. All vaginas deserve love, even those that slap against your ankles.

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    but for the most part(s), the whole thing was about making them look prepubescent. we don't want that. srs.

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    Well I find that even hair removal taste can do that, before even thinking about surgery. Going down on a girl who's clean shaven HOOHAA makes her look far younger than you is (not entirely but kinda) worrying. Trust me.

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    hmm. not sure how to respond to that. i mean, grooming is grooming, whether it's upstairs or downstairs. Do women shave to make it look younger? because, that's not what I get out of it at all.

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