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Thread: I will likely run a race as Mr. Destructoid. Donations optional

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    I will likely run a race as Mr. Destructoid. Donations optional

    So I'm doing the Warrior Dash in May. It's basically a 5k with some obstacles tossed in. More likely than not, I'll buy the requisite face paints required to don myself in Mr. Destructoid regalia. I won't dress in a suit, because that would be silly. But I'll be sure to look pretty.

    Anyway, if you're interested in donating to St. Jude Children's Hospital, visit my page and chip in a couple bucks if it suits you.

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    That is, assuming the site isn't so dumb that it gets confused as to why I had to select a state but otherwise live in the UK. I wouldn't be surprised.

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    This is totally like the reverse of WW2.

    And wow that letter is going to take forever to arrive.

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    Awesome, make sure someone gets pictures!

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    You rock, dude.

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    Probably not. Being able to feel your folds of fat while you run is really uncomfortable.

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    What is the family email?
    I was going to donate if it was shirtless.

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    Is that to all the Dtoid bigwigs? I'd be cool with it.

    Maybe I'll wear a thin white button down and wear it open shirt with a tie. It's a work in progress.

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    St. Jude's people are legit. I'll have to toss money at you for this.

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