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Thread: RTG Sibcoe joins Destructiod

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    RTG Sibcoe joins Destructiod

    Hey Destructoids -

    Pretty amazing community site here, and I love all the updates on Twitter. I am Sibcoe of RTG and we have a gaming YouTube channel that covers mostly all ARPG games, and other titles, like Don't Starve, and soon X-Comm.

    It's great to see such a big community here, and I look forward to chatting with many of you here on the forums. I have been involved with gaming since the early 1980's and still have that deep passion for great games, and the gamers that hang out and share stories about them.

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe

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    Welcome to the Forums! What's your personal favorite genres of games?

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    Mostly ARPGS/RPG games

    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Welcome to the Forums! What's your personal favorite genres of games?
    Hi there -

    I like almost any game that is good and fun lol. However, I tend to focus on Action RPG, RPG, MMO and the like. I have been diving into DmC (Devil May Cry 5) on my channel recently, and loving it. So in general, the more action the better. Don't Starve has been a surprising amount of fun, and I am enjoying the let's play for that also.

    Cheers 0/

    RTG Sibcoe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarvu View Post
    Nothing gets by you, you cheeky monkey.

    Also, welcome new guy.

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