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    dtoidrolleye Old games

    Been having fun with all the latest MMO's and PC games atm, but my friends are inviting me in playing some classic game. It's just made me wonder though, does anyone know any game that is too old, senile, epic, jurassic or whatever you wanna call it that still exist and still have a lot of players nowadays? The older the better...

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    Diablo 2, which is understandable because it's arguably still the very best the genre has put forth, though Path of Exile is a brand new game that gives it the best run for its money in fifteen years.

    Also, Mega Man (and MMX) games never ever ever get too old to play.

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    Couldn't argue with diablo II but I'm disappointed in diablo III though. They ruined their reputation by making the latest one into an obvious money making game with less features.

    Megaman still rocks! I prefer using zero though...

    Bumped to a couple of MMO's and Ragnarok online is still in the market with a bunch of players/bots still swarming the game.

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    Quake 2 still has folks playing. Quake 3 as well, not just the live version in browser either.

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    It's not the oldest game out there, but the first Halo on PC still has a rather active community.

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    A lot of people still play Doom don't they?

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    Indeed they do. DOOM used to be played through Skulltag for years, now something else has taken over.

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    The Guardian Legend. All the goddamn time.

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    It seems that Ragnarok Online is still surviving for more than a decade now.. :3

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    I love playing older games, I almost feel like a hipster in that sense.

    My favorite console is easily the Super Nintendo. I've collected gems like Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, TMNT IV, DK Country 1,2 and 3, Secret of Mana....dude If I don't stop it'll never end.

    Funny enough, the very first system I ever owned was a Sega Master System. It came with games like Alex Kidd in Shinobi World, Alex Kidd the Lost Stars, Aztec Adventure and Fantasy those were good times.

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    CS 1.6 off the top of my head that hasn't been mentioned as of yet.

    Buh, that's a hard one.

    Heck just play old games with four players, Smash bros for the N64. That will always be fun.

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    Counter strike would be one of the best pc game there is.. just love it when I'm scoring a headshot. Didn't like other FPS after this though. For some reason other FPS graphic makes me feel like puking or is giving me headache if I play it pass my meal.
    As per console I'm really into fighting games like street fighter, KoF, etc.. (this will be a good game with my buddies but is limited to 2 controllers only)
    RO will be one good classic for us I guess.. :3

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    Go to the podcasts section and scope out old RetroForce Go! episodes. That show was the shit. Brought me into DTOID 5 or so years ago. (I eventually found the basement.)

    As the name suggests, it was DTOIDs official retro games podcast. It has about 100 episodes of pure joy, goodness, dolphins, slurpees, chocobos, and yard sales. Maybe some Tostinos pizza rolls.

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