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Thread: GDC 2013

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    GDC 2013

    I'm making my first trip to the Game Developer's Conference in San Fran this year and I was curious if any other Dtoiders were planning on attending. Even if you're not going to the conference itself and would just like to party in SF, let me know. It's my first time out on the west coast and I would like to meet some of you lovely psychopaths.

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    I live in the City, so you know I'm down to meet any and all Dtoiders. I'll be covering the show during the day but at night it's all parties.

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    I'll be there. I'd be down to meet some Dtoiders 'cause I'm going by myself and no practically nobody in the city.

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    This city rules. I've been running around all weekend and I don't think I ever want to leave.

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