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Thread: Binary Chode - Listener Questions Thread

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    Recording in about an hour, so get them questions in. Table's a guest host too.

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    Do you think it's possible for developers to actually scale down their production costs in order to focus on making better quality entertainment with less expenditure and overhead?

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    We'll be recording an episode next week, so give us yo questions

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    This is still a thing tomorrow.

    Topics we might be talking about: surrogate pregnancies, robots, animals that would kill us, the future.

    Use that as a launchpad, but feel free to field any question you want at us.

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    Is there an animal on earth that ZP could defend himself from?

    Will Jon Bloodspray ever be able to control the sperg?

    I'll be listening this time btw.

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    What are some of examples of technology you thought as a kid would be commonplace by the year 2013?

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    If you could get a robotic version of yourself, identical in every way outside of it being much, much stronger than you physically. What would you do with it?

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    How much would it suck if vampire bats and mosquitoes and ticks everywhere suddenly decided to attack humans for sustenance?

    Will there be enough internet to allow people to stream their games on next gen consoles and will there be enough space to hold all the shitty LP's? Is the world wide web finite?

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