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Thread: Binary Chode - Listener Questions Thread

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    It comes about in the first ep, then gets referenced sporadically from then on out.

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    Wow, I don't remember that at all.

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    I think it was after-the-music "bonus" stuff.

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    It's a porn/80s fast food reference or something

    - - - Updated - - -

    Scratch that. It has nothing to do with porn. It's totally fast food.

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    Snowballing/cumswapping/dabbling in the swabbling.

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    Hey, to all of our twelve listeners, three of whom are hosts on the show, so, nine listeners, we'll be recording a new episode soonish. Questions would be, like, totally awesome, y'all.


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    Who would be your pick for Popetoid?

    How retarded do thousands of people need to be to even give a shit about this?

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    If you had access to Doctor Mindbender's lab equipment and could pick five historical figures to harvest DNA from and create a supreme ubermensch, whose tombs would you break into and why?

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    oh hey we're going to try recording an episode this Tuesday

    questions would be neat. We'll even take the ones you gave us last time!

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    If the N-word were to be constantly repeated through multiple broadcast media sources for an extended period of time, is it possible that it would eventually lose all shock value and therefore no longer be offensive?

    Let me flesh this out a bit better. As an example take an environment like 4chan. There they've come to use the term in so many random contexts that at times, its former meaning as an serious insult seems to have been washed away in the noise. Is it possible to apply this on a larger sociological scale? Publicly shaming people like Paula Deen is a good and necessary thing, yet portraying such attitudes as taboo seems to only reinforce their appeal. Is there a better way to assimilate or consume such an influence?
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    (not one for the show) When are you going to release the last episode? I've heard things and want to listen to it! <3

    (for the show)Are y'all throwing down on an Xbox180 or a PS4? And why?

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    Last episode had a couple of issues with Skype and Callgraph (including losing a chunk of tape and dealing with multiple disconnects). It was also when I hit a real low point in both applying for jobs and juggling freelance stuff. Once we get the ball rolling again, I'll find time to stitch it all together.

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    Butter (or margarine) in sandwiches? Why? Why bother?

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    We're recording an episode on Tuesday. Topics likely to include squid, spiders, and space pee. Give us your questions that may or may not relate to these topics.

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    In your opinions what are some of the worst cases of pseudoscience, misrepresentation of data, blatant ignorance, etc that you've seen peddled by "experts"?

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    Is space pee consumable or does the lack of oxygen render it poisonous?

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