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Thread: Killer is Dead

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    dtoiddisco Killer is Dead


    Release: Summer 2013
    Platform: PS3, 360

    "KILLER IS DEAD™ is a brand new action title jointly developed by KADOKAWA GAMES and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, with SUDA51 lending his trademark sense of style at the helm.

    A reputable execution agency’s newest recruit, Mondo Zappa, takes center stage as he stalks and beheads a wide variety of heinous criminals all across the world (and even, perhaps, outside of it). As he settles into his new job, he also comes to terms with his own inner demons, balancing his talent for dispensing swift and brutal justice with his fleeting memories of a traumatic past, and peppering it all with his many sensual conquests.

    Be he a killer, a lover or a gigolo, his many tales of passion and brutality begin with his appointment at Bryan´s Executioner Office. A whole world of pain and pleasure awaits, and there’s no telling where it might take him next.."

    [description from official website]

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    When I watched that trailer for the first time it struck me that Suda51 is somewhat of a Quentin Tarantino of video games.

    Really excited for this game now. I'm not the biggest fan of Suda, some of his games don't really appeal to me, but this one looks to be the exact type of his work I like.

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    looks interesting, doesn't look like there's much comedy in the game from that trailer which is different from what Suda have been doing for the last couple of titles. I want to see some extensive gameplay before putting it on my wanted list

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    Yeah now this looks awesome. Still haven't played Lollipop Chainsaw because it's...well it seems hilarious, I like the Mickey thing and all, but this seems more my speed. I like dark stuff.

    Also love that shot of the moon.

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    Gorilla Gravy's Avatar
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    Suda's games always seem like he started out with this great idea and halfway through development went, "Oh shit guys! I have this crazy new idea for a game! I'm gonna take part of the team and go start working on it ASAP. You guys can finish up here without me, right?"

    This looks pretty cool I guess. A step up from his last couple of games. Look forward to seeing how he pads out the game this time. I'm thinking maybe a couple of completely out of place top-down shooter levels or a bunch of mandatory card-playing minigames.

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    I hope he brings to this one the additional element of enjoyable and polished game-play. At this point "more of the patented Suda 51 style" is not all it's going to take to sell me on the game.

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    Konnery's Avatar
    556 posts since Jul 2012

    Looking pretty awesome. I've enjoyed all his games so far so I don't see why this one will be any different from the trailer.

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    YosemiteHam's Avatar
    6 posts since Jan 2013
    I am absolutely gay for Suda51's games, and I've already fallen in love with this game's style and the whole moon and everything taking place at night thing is pretty intriguing and makes for some really cool set-pieces. This game does look a lot more serious than the other games he's done, and while I'm all for fun and uplifting games, I'm kind of happy he's going in this direction rather than another goofy game like his last 4.

    All in all, this game looks killer.


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    I didn't like Lollipop but I'll bite. Hard.

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    BadStar's Avatar
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    XSEED is bringing this to the US and Deep Silver is publishing it across the pond. Summer release confirmed.

    This has officially overtaken Bioshock: Infinite as my most anticipated title of the year.

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    Damnit, now I want to watch Who Framed Roger Rabit.

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    King Süshi's Avatar
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    That's pretty high-profile for XSEED.

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    I'll take a bad Suda51 game over most AAA franchise titles any day. Even if it's a failure, it's an interesting failure.

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    BadStar's Avatar
    2,771 posts since Nov 2008

    At the Taipei Game Show, Suda dropped some hints about multiplayer and DLC. Nothing confirmed yet, but it's interesting to see Grasshopper dabbling in areas that are uncharted territory for them. The idea of multiplayer alone has my mind racing as to what form it will take.

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    Arttemis's Avatar
    2,090 posts since Jan 2008

    Cooperatively mash x to watch your characters circle jerk a rainbow penis.

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    hermyish's Avatar
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    The question is not if I'm getting this, but for which console. The summer can't some soon enough.

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    I'm really not one to buy games on day one, but I'm doing it for this. I am beyond excited for this. I somehow randomly remembered about the game this morning and just got all happy and hype. I need more Suda51 in my life.

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    I absolutely loved Killer7, but none of his games after that really appealed to me so I never played them. This looks rather cool though, hopefully it'll be a bit more mature and you wont have to jerk off your sword to power it up...

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    New Japanese trailer


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    This looks so much better than Lollipop Chainsaw. I'm pumped!

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