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Thread: Destiny

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    "The ambition is to create a universe as deep, tangible and relatable as that of the Star Wars franchise."

    Translation: Holy shitballs Lucasfilm is making a lot of money off Star Wars. How can we get in on that?

    Story sounds pretty old-hat. Last remnant of humans, under attack by aliens, mysterious alien artifact that could help swing the fight in our favour, with emphasis on multiplayer...wait, am I describing Destiny, or Halo CE?

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    Halo was pretty similar to Marathon before it. Bungie clearly have a boner for such fictional universes.

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    I have a feeling the Destiny reveal will be somewhat underwhelming.

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    Floods in it right?

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    The flood aren't in all their games. AI and Aliens are!

    But probably.

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    News. Apparently they done broke the embargo, no idea.

    I find the premise of the game a little boring but what they've shown looks interesting enough - the different locations and the possible features it might have. Very reminiscent of Marathon.

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    It looks like everything I want in a game. Its beautiful.

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    Video is removed. I completely forgot about this game because I am a bad Bungie fan.

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    Fuck yes. Colour me excited.


    "its halo but less gay" - YouTube Comment

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    The concept art has had me reminded of Marathon from the very start. And that's fucking dandy.

    Is that ViDoc pretty much the news of the day then? Or is there something more I am missing?

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    That and all the previews.

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    I'm getting a strong 'rated T' vibe.

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    I really like the concept art and a lot of the design ideas are intriguing but seriously..GAMEPLAY VIDEOS ASAP

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    I think for it to work it will need to be good enough to stand without multiplayer, unlike Blink. Like, get the sort of numbers that play Skyrim for the sheer joy of it. Otherwise they won't be able to capture the playerbase they need.

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    Isn't it supposed to be always-online though?

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    Yes, it's also not an MMO and on consoles. These are things that are known.

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