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Thread: Legion of Heroes

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    Legion of Heroes

    Sharing a little bit of my experience about on this game
    You can share your experience too and feel free to give your comments and reactions.

    Historical Point of view

    Is a 3D MMORPG game that tackles about the ancient time where darkness falls conquering the world and the Rome was the first to rise against the evil. And so the heroes are gathered from around the world to stand against darkness. The world itself “Legion” means number or unit of army/heroes in the ancient Rome.
    Start out:
    This game is totally awesome, perfectly fit to any beginners playing mobile game. Here you can choose your own hero, put up your own name and the good thing is that beginners can easily portray their character, get to know their ally and opponents as well. It also has its own story board that features the conversation of the main characters.
    Yeah! This got a little bit boring for me because before I could get down into battle I still need to finish their conversation by finding a particular person or thing!
    Well good thing is, you can hire your own hero with unique fighting skills to join you into you missions. Definitely, looks like a high quality of game and character which you choose to throw.
    Game Play
    As for this game I was able to get easily familiar because of its unique way of telling the story before going into the battle ground.
    “Ah! What can I say this game is much similar to Atlantica online. Turned base battles were the player gets to attack the enemy and when his turn finished, it’s got to be the enemies’ time to attack your hero.”
    “This game sucks! You can’t even protect your hero when the enemies time to attack.” Your just letting them beat up your hero. “oh good thing there this thing called power up to increase the power of your heroes when their turn to fight.”
    Getting points from the battle can help you heal your heroes incase being damage too much. Upgrading their armor is just one of the best parts in this game.
    What I like most in this game is the very impressive 3D graphic lets who feel being one of them fighting. It is really a dynamic tactical combat battle, incredibly fits for mobile games. Another thing I like it in here is the auto move that automatically directs you to your next quest.
    This is a Free to play a dynamic tactic combat battle Clash in massive 45v45 PVP conflicts. It is really impressive and addictive PvP combat easy to understand with challenging conflicts.

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    this a great game i'm currently playing this game and now i have almost 15 kind of heroes
    i just started it last week..

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