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Thread: Re-introduction

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    Hiya! Just wanted to re-introduce myself as I haven't been very active over the last 2 or 3 (possibly more) years I've been here. My friend Mr. Adam Zeanchock introduced me to this place years ago after I'd lost interest in all the gaming sites I knew about and it has become my number one source of gaming news since (as well as spend some time in the TF2 server) So yeah, glad to be here and I hope to get to know ya guys and gals. I'm in the Navy and there will be times where I can't be on for months on end but I hope that won't be a prob!

    Nice to meet ya!

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    What sort of games you into? Got any favourites?

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    Anytime anyone mentions "Navy", all I can ever think of is that one song by those gay guys.

    Welcome back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaDukes View Post
    Anytime anyone mentions "Navy", all I can ever think of is that one song by those gay guys.
    Yeah, it makes me think about Nickelback too!
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    I didnt know you the first time, so hello! A pleasure

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