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Thread: Star Wars Games, Man. Star Wars Games.

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    I'll make an unofficial KoTOR 3 with me voicing every character. I'll fix Bioware's mess with Revan.

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    C-c-can i voice act Jar Jar?

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    Make every character Jar Jar.

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    You can use a tool to export things from kotor as an .mdl file. You can replace models and textures easy enough it seems. No idea if the resolution can be increased. I assume that since you can replace the model you can replace the UV map too so it works.

    Maya can't import mdl files it seems. Currently looking for a way to change the mdl to something else. I think this is different to the Source engine mdl file.

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    Do it man, and make a Jar Jar army mod.

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    There was those things on the thing planet that reminded me of Gungans anyway. Rakata.

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    Legit wouldn't be that hard. Make a Jar Jar model for kotor. Overwrite every character model with Jar Jar model. Change dialogue for every character into Jar Jar speak. Game is now 400% better.

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    Seriously need to do this for a laugh Sam, srs bznz.

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    Yeah, forget your studies. This is your calling.

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    About the Obsidian game, I hope Disney lets it happen... and maybe they can begin fleshing out the expanded universe of whatever timeline Star Wars 7 will be set in.

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    Okay, I figured out how you import models from KoTOR. You need a tool to first access the .bif files which is an archive of every model file in Kotor. Once you do that you double click on a model to export as .mdl. This file can be imported into 3ds Max using a plugin made for modding certain Bioware games. Problem here is Max sucks (you can of course export to obj so you can use Maya but I think you lose everything but the geometry) and a program that sucks is not a good thing to use..

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    Make it better.

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    Using 3ds max is better than having no Jar Jar armies.

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    Make Jar Jar model now!

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    With like fifty tits.

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    This seems like the most appropriate place for apparently leaks of an XBLA game that is like Star Wars with guns a bit. Star Wars: First Assault. It's silly how sold I am.

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