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Thread: Star Wars Games, Man. Star Wars Games.

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    I can't really pick between three of them, as I loved them all for different reasons.

    I love Knights of the Old Republic primarily due to the memories that I have of it. It was the first game that I had used with the "Duke" controller for the Xbox, which I actually loved the feel of. The story, primarily the twist, still comes into my mind from time to time, the most memorable one for me.

    I love Knights of the Old Republic 2 because it introduced me to Obsidian Entertainment. Just because I had seen the logo for Obsidian, I had looked the studio up a few years later, finding out that a large portion of the employees had been apart of Interplay. I had found out that Interplay had created the Fallout universe, so I decided to try those games, which I had begun to love.

    And finally, I loved Battlefront because it was the first game that I was able to play with friends and family. I also loved it because no two matches were the same, so I could continue to have many new experiences within the same game.

    I don't really know what exactly happened to the original discs that I had for any of the games. I now have the two KotOR games on Steam, but I don't really feel I should get Battlefront 2 on Steam because it has largely been an experience with family on a "large" screen. I guess if I ever see Battlefront 2 anywhere for cheap for Xbox, I'd probably pick it up.

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    One of my first NES games was Star Wars, and god damn it was awesome(ly hard).

    I barely remember Tie Fighter and X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, but I knew I was pretty intimidated by the endless space seen through the cockpit and always felt the urge to turn around and face the star destroyer to alleviate my anxiety.

    The entirety of Katarn's arc was fantastic. Dark Forces was one of my first FPSs, and I remember playing it on Buttons for DOS along with Magic Carpet and Myst. The sequel comes out and blows me away with being a fucking Jedi simulator with a morality system! Then comes one of the best multiplayer experiences ever with JK2, where force-only maps were the shit and people would respectfully bow to eachother before dueling - not to mention how badass the combat was, and how awesome the campaign was! Jedi Academy was essentially that same premise but now with a build-a-Jedi premise and the ability to freaking dualwield and use a saber staff! Fuck, that whole series is awesome.

    My first N64 game also sticks out in my mind as particularly great, too. Shadows of the Empire took the adventure premise and made a great FPS that could easily be remade into modern conventions and still be remarkable. Dark Forces caliber puzzles, the inklings of a Rogue Squadron Game, Boba Fett fights, jet packs, and a badass main character.

    Then there's the Rogue Squadron series that might be even better than Star Fox. That Expansion Pack was so worth it.

    Episode 1: Pod Racer is the one of only two thing good (admittedly: incredible) to come from the SW Prequels. That and Republic Commando were the shit.

    Force Unleashed had an incredible premise, but I think its insistence on planting itself right in the middle of a hugely convoluted story arc was perhaps too much... and the premise was squandered by such shallow design decisions, where your lightsaber was treated as a nerf bat and a third of the enemies in the game were force resistant (wtf!) I like this game despite being a waste of potential. If they were to take the hack and slash combat and pit you against waves of Stormtroopers and other menial enemies, while keeping that awesome force throw mechanic and emphasizing it more instead of restricting it, it could even better than Jedi Knight 2, but they'd have to add Force Speed because I miss it.

    I'm mentally exhausted and this shit is from a phone so I apologize with how badly written it is.

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    Wait FUCK I forgot one of my actual favourites. Republic Commando. Although the shootering wasn't how I normally like it, so much spamming of machine gun fire, the setting and story and characters were great. Putting it during the events of the film but so low down the chain was a great choice and I wish more Star Wars games did that. Of all these games it is the one I would most want to see a sequel to (Imperial Commando, obviously), and I was annoyed that none happened when the four player co-op craze hit five years ago because that would have worked.

    Lucasarts would just fuck it up anyway I guess.

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    Republic Commando was really good yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightside View Post
    Battlefront II. The best fun was had on splitscreen every day after school.
    I really can't add more to this. In all fairness though, I barely played any Star Wars games. I suppose me not playing KOTOR is a sort of gaming sin, lol.

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    And KoTOR's always on sale on Steam for dirt cheap. No excuses now.

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    The funny thing is, I had forgotten TFU was supposed to be a Star Wars game until Art posted. I guess using a neon-lit nerf bat instead of a lightsaber threw me off. Good game but it didn't feel at all Jedi-y.

    And I think Republic Commando was another one I liked. Was that the one where you commanded and played as troops in real time, while calling in force-powered characters for support? If it's the one I'm thinking of I played a ton of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightside View Post
    Is that not Battlefront?
    Battlefront II maybe? I think I played it on PS2. Yeah, after googling and being reminded of the Galactic Conquest mode, I'm pretty sure that's it. GC mode was awesome.

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    Both Battlefronts were on the PS2.

    I was going to see if you recognised one of the box arts; thought that might help. But, well... they are a little similar.


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    I really liked playing them on Xbox 360 because the original Xbox controller did not work for it.

    Wasn't much commanding in Battlefront. Republic Commando had you as the leader of a four man Clone Commando squad. Telling them what to do wasn't just a gimmick but essential to the game as every area would offer tactical positions and options. The enemies weren't soft, they took a beating. The story was based around events of Episodes II and III, and when I say based around I mean very much around, not getting deep into the content of the films. There's no point that I can think of where you find yourself on any scene that was in either film. The characters were likeable. The individuality and independence they had over standard clones would make them perfect for a sequel following them in the transition to being Imperial Commandos, and I like I said I would want to see that more than any other potential sequel in this thread.

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    Ideally I'd like to see a game with the campaign of Commando and the multiplayer of Battlefront. Maybe Galactic Conquest on the side.

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    I'd love to see Battlefront III released with no compromise in quality, but it's not the kind of game I like to play anymore. Games like Battlefront can only really have a shallow campaign. Like LOTR Conquest. Y'know what I mean? The game is about trying to make the enemy respawn counter go down faster that your respawn counter.

    I don't care much for multiplayer, but Imperial Commando could feature some fucking solid co-op. A whole bunch of multiplayer modes really. Republic Commando had multiplayer but being on Original Xbox and not being Halo 2 it was pretty dead (Idk how popular it was on PC though). Thing I remember about it was the Wookiee crossbow had a charge shot that pinned ragdolls against scenery. I love that sort of thing.

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    Yeah, that's what I'm getting at.

    Singleplayer Battlefront has always been a bit lacklustre. That's why, ideally, a 'perfect game' would have a strong story-driven campaign, with a smaller scope, ala Commando. Having a campaign solely based around command points is boring. Multiplayer, meanwhile, is where Battlefront comes into its own. The simple mechanics of CPs and counters are eclipsed by its grand scale. Can you imagine a next gen Battlefront? All those players. The map size. I'm thinking Planetside 2.

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    Yeah Planetside 2 made me think of Battlefront. You know what is the closest thing to a current gen one though? Warhawk. Especially if you take away the Warhawks.

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    Oh yeah. I've only played the first one--ages ago. Is that one Warhawk? Or Starhawk. I dunno. Playstations, huh?

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    I bought Kotor II in steam sales and still havn't got around to playing it.

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    Looks like something from LocoRoco Cocoreccho. Basically Golliwogs.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brightside View Post
    Oh yeah. I've only played the first one--ages ago. Is that one Warhawk? Or Starhawk. I dunno. Playstations, huh?
    Warhawk. Starhawk, the one out last year, is shit.

    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    I bought Kotor II in steam sales and still havn't got around to playing it.
    I got it in Steam sales and have little intention of playing it, and if I do it will be to try out that mod that is meant to fix it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brightside View Post
    Pingu or golliwog?
    Oh wow, i should really change that.

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