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Thread: Hello world!

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    dtoidsurprise Hello world!

    Hi my name is Matt I don't like intros but I will make one.

    I am a heavy gamer I like most games but the games I like the most are rpg games. I do also play fps games and horror games. I have two consoles xbox 360 and ps3 but i usually I play on the PC most though. Well I think I have said enough so BYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

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    How much do you weigh?

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    I think you have said not enough. What are you favouritest games? Hatedest? Most playingest right nowest? If you stole a train would you derail it or handle it like a pro? Do you understand life?


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    Damn it the picture got me.

    Well Steve I am not answering that.

    Well My all time favorite is probably Baldur's gate

    I have two games I hate Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem only because My mind cant handle it.

    Then God hand Once again the game is good but ITS DO DAMN HARD.

    Now for the games I am playing right now are Battlefield 3 and Devil may cry Hd collection.
    For the train i would just handle that like a pro.
    And for life I do understand it because I am life.

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    You said not nearly enough.

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