So, you may or may not have seen the recent article about Bioware's MMO and it's struggle to remain relevant by adding a whole planet of gaiety. If not, here's a link.

I think Jim put it very well when he said,

‎"BioWare's intentions and past record doesn't make the situation cool in any way, but in a world of entertainment where "person is gay" is still considered both a joke and the punchline to the very same joke, it feels wrong to pour overwhelming scorn on a studio that's at least trying, in its own awkward way. It shouldn't be free from criticism, either, but I dare say the reaction could benefit from being a tad more tempered."
So, here's my tempered reaction: I have no lost love for Bioware. I have never particularly liked their games, aside from Mass Effect 2, so I may be a bit biased. That being said, this is just an icky, icky way to add this kind of content to a video game. Shoehorned in doesn't even begin to describe it. Not only that, but it's shoehorned in a way that even Bioware, notable for their shoehorning in of queer content, has never stooped to. I'm not even going to get into the fact that Bioware's super happy sunshine policy of queer inclusion in their games has yet to produce a transgender or gender non-conforming character (correct me if I'm wrong), not that I'd want to be represented by them.

What do you all think? This thread can springboard from this particular instance to LGBT representation in games in general.