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Thread: Special Forces Team X

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    Special Forces Team X

    Anyone else try this yet? Came out today and has a "full" demo for 45 minutes.

    3rd person game, kinda plays out like Gears with cover bouncing and whatnot but is a lot faster paced and has butt-tons of customization.

    It's actually pretty decent but I can't see the community lasting long with it being a Arcade title.

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    Why does everyone prance around in this game? They walk like my cat does.

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    Cheap animation? I dunno

    It's really weird when you see other people jump over cover too. They stand straight up the entire animation lol

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    I really dig arcade stuff like this, so I'll check it out.

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    I did a review of this game, it's actually really really well done. I loved it!

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