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Thread: PS3 FNF: January 18th

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    Quote Originally Posted by KymikoLoco View Post
    Then who's my love interest?


    If that squad is driving you around like a robot, because you're the whole squad, maybe we could all man the love interest robot who was captured on a secret mission behind enemy lines. Yeah. And we swallowed the microfilm of The Documents.

    Maybe we're space ships instead of robots. And then someone could be all "Can love bloom on the battlefield?" and then we'd be all
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    I'll host Battlefield 3 at 10:30pm EST (7:30pm pacific)
    Game: Battlefield 3
    Time 10pm EST
    PSN: Elsa

    ... I'm still a total newbie to the game, but if anyone wants to join in and isn't on my buddy list, just send a PSN note to "Elsa" and if the squad fills up at least we can find each other!

    (oh, and I'll be there for COD as well... though haven't played since last week so I'm still a lowly rank with a shitty gun and I'll be the cannon fodder who dies a lot so the rest of you can avenge me!)

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    Holy shit it's Elsa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Andy Dixon View Post
    Holy shit it's Elsa.
    No, no, no... it's "Holy Elsa... she's shit"
    I just got COD and BF3 for Christmas... and the honest truth is that most evenings I still log in to play MAG, so I kinda suck pretty bad at both games!

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