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Thread: Cyberpunk 2077

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    It's a Pendulum B-side, at best.

    At worst, it's a Pendulum track. Period.

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    Who gives a fuck about the song and whether it's bad or not? I'm not disappointed or anything just really damn curious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevil View Post
    It's a Pendulum B-side, at best.

    At worst, it's a Pendulum track. Period.
    You're a Pendulum track.

    EDIT: Dude, it's not like that Pendulum thing. At all. What's wrong with you?

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    I will give them credit for how well they integrated it with the trailer. Still, a mediocre, melodically and harmonically uninteresting pop song at best. They should have just ripped off the Deus Ed HR theme or better yet kidnapped Michael McCann and forced him to make the soundtrack for them. That would get me excited about this game. Not that their inclusion of poor music really negatively impacts my impression of the game. CDProjekt rocks.

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    Music elitists are the worst kinds of people.

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    Worse than nazis. FACT.

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    Literally Hitler. And to clear the room of their filth here is an interview with Cyberpunk creator Mike Pondsmith!

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    Great interview. Didn't reveal much at all, but still: great interview. Man has a lovely voice.

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    I swear, every time I say something about music on Dtoid I see Stevil pop up and say the exact opposite of what I think.

    Unless it involves anything related to Ian Love.

    I remember that we both love Ian Love. That's probably the only thing I can still remember from Stereotoid really.

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    I thought the song was OK, but the trailer was kinda going into Dead Island territory with all the slow mo and an "emotional" moment. Glad that moment seemed to be a curveball - seems like robo-girl was simply apprehended like a rouge cyborg in Ghost in the Shell would be. Then she seemed converted to some new purpose.

    What I wouldn't give for a GitS game that was actually good.

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    I hope that's only one of the MC's possible origins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixielated View Post
    What I wouldn't give for a GitS game that was actually good.
    Amen to that.

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    I'm so fucking hype for this. Also really hoping Shadowrun Returns and Wasteland 2 hit this year. Later on of course. No rush jobs. Just rim.

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    Hey, are there any robots in this ga--

    ...Oh, there are robots in this game.


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    Nah, is cool, I like you. You can stay.

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    Which one of these attractive women can I fly?

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    You can't, they ain't gundams, I just told you that. Fucking weeaboo, his brain just turns right off.

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    The brunette looks like she has a sturdy take-off and landing apparatus.

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    Sounds pretty cool ...if they can get it to work properly that is.

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