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Thread: Hello Destructoid!

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    Hello Destructoid!

    Hello there, Destructoid. I have been around the forums for a few months, but I have just been reading posts, lurking the forums and such. I don’t usually have much to actually add to most threads, that being the reason that I don’t really post much, that and the fact that my posts usually are long.

    I found out about Destructoid on a Metacritic review of Mass Effect, sadly forgetting about it not long after. I found Destructoid again not long after I had joined JustinTV in mid 2010. I had entered Destructoid’s channel after being told by a random broadcaster about it. I had followed the channel and went to the site to read posts, and have been doing so since then. My father had introduced me to Podtoid back in May of 2011, as I had primarily skipped over podcasts until then.

    I have owned a Dreamcast, Playstation, Xbox, Gamecube, DS, and a Xbox 360 for consoles, so I sort of am a recent gamer compared to what I have seen around the site. I play and love a wide range of games, but my favorites tend to be RPGs these days. More specific game series that I have loved for one reason or another are Shenmue, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, The Elder Scrolls (started with Morrowind in 2002), Fallout (started with Fallout: Tactics in 2004), and Mass Effect. I have been falling out of playing my consoles over the last few months, trading the time spent there to play the old games that I had gotten into years ago on Steam, recently buying the KotOR and Fallout games there.

    I don’t have many non-gaming hobbies these days. I mostly only listen to gaming podcasts and music from games. I recently got back into coding, my knowledge had degraded due to not being used for a couple years. I have recently been listening to other podcasts from the forums, such as Communitoid.

    A common question that I have been asked on forums and other websites is, “Is there a reason for your username being what it is, or are they just random numbers?” I usually state that “Hawk” is derived from the area of the United States that I live in, “The Hawkeye State” (Iowa). As for the numbers, “200101” is not just some random string of numbers to me, “00101” can be translated from binary into “P,” which is the first and last initial of the random name that I had been given in Knights of the Old Republic when I had played it for the first time, the “2” signifying that they are two P’s. Why not just use HawkPP? Well, it seems like a possible common username to me.

    Anyways, hello again, Destructoid!

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    Your dad introduced you to Podtoid? Crazy. Welcome, hope you're digging Communitoid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawk200101 View Post
    recently buying the KotOR and Fallout games there.

    You want this for Fallout:

    To get even more of an Elder Scrolls fix, you want to get Daggerfall and Arena that Bethesda released for free.


    I recently got back into coding, my knowledge had degraded due to not being used for a couple years.
    Use Inform 7, and you'll appreciate the beauty of regular programming languages. ( ^^

    Anyways, hello again, Destructoid!
    Hello, Hawk0000010100000101. Welcome to the madhouse.

    Got to pad binary to the byte...

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    Well hello there, sailor.

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    Oh hey I just noticed you here for the first time. Welcome to the forums! My drill sergeant's name was Hawk, no kidding. I always did get a kick out of that.

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    You are very bold to be posting here in these forums.


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    Welcome to the forums.

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