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Thread: PS3 FNF: January 11th

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornflakeJustice View Post
    Oh, and speaking of flaking, cornflakes is flaking on Bulletstorm this week. Turns out a friend is coming into town and I'm responsible for entertaining them and such. So I'm going to go in my corner and feel bad now.
    Cool, then you won't mind me taking the 9pm slot for BLOPS2!!!

    Also it means I can wait another week on buying Bulletstorm.

    Game: Blops2
    Time: 9pm

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    INDEED! You can have my slot and wait. Yeah, that's wise. I'll be around next week for sure, maybe I'll even get some time in on the system this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KymikoLoco View Post
    Cool, then you won't mind me taking the 9pm slot for BLOPS2!!!
    Silly boys:

    Don't worry about hosting the same game or hosting a game at the same time as someone else. Instead, think of it like a movie theater; more than one game can run at the same time.

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    Not if I had played Bulletstorm with them, I couldn't

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    Fair enough!

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    Andy you don't even /play/ videogames.

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