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Thread: PAYDAY: The Heist (PC) player looking for a crew

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    PAYDAY: The Heist (PC) player looking for a crew

    I want to give this game a proper go, but none of my friends own the game. Anyone in the same boat as me? The AI is crap, so I want to jump into a human game. I just don't trust the random player matchmaking. Anyone want to play?

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    The lack of people playing this game sucks, i've played 78 minutes since i bought it. Every time you join a game the host leaves or you are kicked.

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    'ello, everyone. Yeah, I just lurk the homepage now. But this is a great game for teamwork, wish more people gave it a chance.

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    Payday was good, however whenever I gave it a bash with friends we just got trashed. We were probably just terrible at it however I would like to give it a second chance. Once I have my system set up again, I would be up for giving it a another go!

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    Well watch this thread. Looks like there's three of us who are interested.

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    Husband and I both have it, but I think we're looking to catch up on walking dead tonight. Steam name is Zodiac Eclipse, add me if you want and we can try to set something up some night.

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    Cool, looks like we can make a full game here. I'm RonBurgandy2010 on Steam, everyone add me so we can play tomorrow maybe.

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    Ron! Why not host this shit for FNF?

    Fuckin' noob.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Andy Dixon View Post
    Ron! Why not host this shit for FNF?

    Fuckin' noob.
    Because no one ever fucking joined, NOOB!

    I used to host this all the time on ps3, loved it. Will grab it off Steam to hook up with you all. Also no one ever joins me for Monaco. Does Dtoid hate heist games?

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    fuck ya im down to play this some my steam account is

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    Okay, I know this is a bit old, but if you guys are still interested, I would be down for some Payday.

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