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Thread: 2013 gaming and movies calander

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    Quote Originally Posted by khonji View Post
    No need for that ! I am adding movies first then will move on to TV shows.
    Like hell you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaDukes View Post
    Like hell you will.
    Oi! No insulting the guys Downbelow. Them's just doing their jobs.

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    I don't really see why this is in the gaming "subforum" if it is going to turn into more TV/movies on the calendar. It seems like the "Multimediatoid" section would be the best place for this thread.

    Anyways, why make a calendar for your "introductory" post? I mean, why put introduction-like effort into a thread before making an introduction? I know that my first few posts weren't introductory, just a sentence or two of something having to do with the particular thread.

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