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Thread: Animal Crossing New Leaf

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    It is $10 cheaper since they decided on a few platinum sellers

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    But it is never cheap cheap. Fucking Nintendo.

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    Don't compare anything to Steam. Nothing compares to Steam. You're only in for disappointment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firion View Post
    I really want a mindless game like this that I can waste a lot of time on. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. Let me know if theres any sales after a while, might consider getting it
    I'll trade it for something, Firion. I don't play mine anymore.

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    All I have is my love for you

    (I seriously don't have much of value in the way of trading sadly, but I appreciate the offer)

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    PM me a list of 3DS / Vita / Xbox / ps3 games you'd part with, I'm sure we can work something out if you really want it.

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    mkay Ill keep it in mind, thank you

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    Send him an I.O.U. with your soul. Worked out for Bart.

    Did you ever get Bravely Default PK? I still haven't finished mine

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    Quote Originally Posted by StriderHoang View Post
    Did you ever get Bravely Default PK? I still haven't finished mine
    Nah, I'm waiting for a price drop and / or a used copy to float into my hands. I liked the battle system a lot in the demo, but the story seems meeeh. I have Dark Souls 2, Valkyria Chronicles, and CS:GO to play in the immediate meantime.

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    I mention it because I might've sent you a trade if I actually finished it. Oh well, just gotta go back and remodel my museum instead!

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    Wait, do you mean a trade in AC? I'm kind of lost. xD

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    Trading your Barvely Defult

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    I apologize for bumping this thread, but I picked up another copy of ACNL for my girlfriend to play (club nintendo platinum), now that she has her own 3DS. I was wondering if anyone still played, and would be maybe willing to help us out (need tools mainly). Unfortunately, thinking I would never play again, I had deleted the game from my 3ds to make room for Super Smash Bros (getting rid of my town in the process). Even if I could back up my save (which I don't recall being possible), I gave my girlfriend my SD card, and bought another one for myself, and they don't make it easy to transfer from one card to another. Regardless, I lost my town, which I'm fine with, and I'm mostly playing now to help out her town.

    Ultimately all I'm looking for is tools, but if there are no people playing, I'm sure we'll come across the ones we need over time. I just thought it would be worth a shot to ask. Again, I apologize for bumping this old thread. I know many people have moved on, including myself.

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    I can get tools to loan. I play less if at all but my town means too much to me to delete forever even if Hopper left.

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    I think I'm just looking for the basic tools atm (like, if I could buy them from Nooks). I don't personally plan on playing too much, and don't want to borrow tools and potentially forget to give them back ^^ The tools are more for my girlfriend to use in her game, and she doesn't play online. I'll have to check with her to see which tools she still needs.

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    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    I think the name seems kinda silly. Ill feel like an idiot when I walk into a store and buy a game with the title "Animal Crossing: New Leaf." >_

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    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    You'll be a bigger idiot for not playing this game for that reason alone, I promise you that.

    "Gimme fucking Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and don't peddle that CoD trash at me. I'm ready to fucking plant some motherfucking trees."

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