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Thread: Animal Crossing New Leaf

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    Golden Watering Can Get!

    Time to start farming some bamboo!

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    Congrats Novocaine. I still have the Bathhouse Wall for you and a Quince Bonsai you can have. I only need a Raptor Skull to complete my miniatures. Also, see below in regards to music.

    @ZombiePlatypus : I've been doing some trading and letting people catalog clothing for Gracie over the last few days. Tomorrow I will have every K.K. song except K.K. March, so we can work out what you would like to catalog the next time I see you. If you want to catalog clothing for Gracie checks, I have 5 for 8 of the themes, 4 for ornate, and 3 for modern.

    I started using Reddit to do stuff. I mainly wanted to help people catalog for Gracie, but I also kept an eye open for things I might need. I only need the Gold Wall and Floor now, and I have a spare Golden Bed & Woman (I can't remember what Golden items you needed ZP).

    Someone had Perfect Pears as Premium in their town (with Bell Boom). I actually have more than 1 million in the bank (2.1 million actually :P). I also got decent tips letting people catalog the clothing, even though they didn't have to.

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    I feel bad because I didn't play last night, and the day before I only did the bare minimum of checking the store with my main character. I'm not going to bother playing tonight either. Work is crazy this week and I just have no motivation to do anything interactive entertainment-wise when I finally get home at night. My town is going to waste.

    Anyways, I still have that gold floor you need, Alpha. I don't need a gold woman, but I think I might nee a bed. I don't even know.

    Hoping to get my groove back over the weekend/next week or so when shit slows down.

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    @ZombiePlatypus : I hope things slow down as well. I can't imagine the town going completely crazy after 2-3 days of inactivity. Although if you stop playing for a few days, you may want to just move furniture around to see if there are cockroaches underneath. Also, if you have T.I.Y. and don't care about the Weed badge, you can talk to Leif and I believe he offers to remove the weeds for you.

    In regards to the Gold items, you said floor in your most recent post, but when you listed your songs, you said wall. You also said you weren't sure what golden furniture you needed, so it's possible you meant wall (or floor). If it's the floor, Cyrus made one for me today, so all I actually need now is the wall. If you want, you can have my Golden Woman & Bed to maybe use as trade towards completing your collection. I can also give you gold ore (or make furniture as I go along) to try to help you out. Once I complete the Golden furniture, I'll probably just collect enough gold ore to make a complete 1-side chess set. Still hoping for a Chessboard Floor.

    My plan, ultimately, is to have a Chess Room. I'm thinking gold pieces on the west, regular pieces on the right, and maybe put a throne in the back center now that I can afford one.

    In regards to K.K. songs, I only need K.K. March as mentioned earlier, which I will request tonight. You can request any songs you want for yourself, and let me know which ones you need to complete the set, and I'll bring them over whenever you are available.

    Looking back on the Golden Furniture series, I'm wondering how random it actually is. I think overall he made me 2 extra Golden Womans and a Golden Bed. Other than that, every other piece was something I needed (plus I got a Golden Man from you, and a Golden Table from a trade on Reddit). Maybe I just got lucky.

    I'll be around, probably playing either SR:IV or FFXIV:ARR

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    I haven't been keeping up with what you need for the chess set. Do you need a pawn? I got a pawn the other day.

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    I feel like a right shit for getting awesome coffee beans from Brewster, then going next door to the recycling place and selling them for a grand. Kinda wish you could make your own coffee with the equipment he gives you, but nope, you can't do that for some reason!

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    I got KK March today Alpha, I'll have it for you next time we meet.

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    Also Joan is selling turnips for 95. I'll leave my gates open for the most part of the day, so if anyone wants to stock up on those feel free to.

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    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm submerging. I'm basically "turning off" all my social media and messaging services. Technically I'm leaving the accounts open, but for the time being, I just want to be alone.

    The reason I'm posting this in this thread is to let you know that I will be doing the same with my 3DS. I will eventually reach a point where I will have no friends again on the 3ds, but before that happens, I want to tie up any sort of loose ends with you guys before I do anything.

    So if there's something you would like from me (Catalog K.K. Songs, etc) before I start removing people, send me a pm. I will not be coming back to this thread anytime soon. It's not personal, I just have some things going through my head that are making me want to just kill myself, but since I can't do that, I basically remove myself from the internet, which is kind of like killing myself, except I'm still here.

    While there is no direct reason for me doing this, the day I went to the hospital for the kidney stone was a turning point for me. Without giving away any personal details (even though I doubt they will ever see this), the action/reaction on that day of someone I feel is very important in my life pretty much killed any desire to want to exist anymore.

    So there's that. Sorry. If anyone wants to catalog songs or something, pm me. I will probably remove all of my 3ds friends by Saturday. Again, none of you did anything to make me go down this route (that if you've known me long enough, you know I do very often and usually come back).

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    Thanks for everything you gave me over the months Alpha

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    Yep, thanks for all the help, Alpha. Good luck with whatever you're facing.

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    Good luck working shit out man.

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    I appreciate the kind words. I know I said I wouldn't come back for a while, but since I have so much free time, a day feels like a long while :P

    I have not removed a single person from my 3ds friends list. I understand if you took me off, but I just wanted to let you know. I most likely will not remove anyone in this thread. If I do, I will let you know personally. I won't just take you off and then you have me on your list "never online".

    I feel a bit more comfortable sharing with you what happened that made me submerge. August 18 was the day I started to feel (at first) an unusual pain in my groin. I didn't know what to make of it, so I tried to take a nap. My usual response to pain/sickness is to try to sleep it off. It didn't work obviously, as I woke up in more pain. It had started to "spread" to my lower right abdomen, and my first thought was Appendicitis. The pain level was around a 6-7 out of 10, which is enough to stop me from doing any sort of gaming/internet activities, and consider going to the emergency room.

    I didn't feel safe driving, so I went downstairs and saw my girlfriend. She asked me if I wanted grilled cheese. I responded by asking her "actually you think maybe you could take me to the emergency room?". She showed concern, and when I told her about the pain, I heard the most unexpected response to asking someone to take me to the emergency room:

    "I don't have time for this"

    I don't know what made her say it. She doesn't know either. She feels like shit for saying it, but it doesn't matter. The "damage" was done. It occurred to me that I cannot rely on the one person I want to spend my life with. She knew what she said was fucked up right after she said it. It then became a "fine I'll take myself to the emergency room", and as I was getting dressed, she kept saying that she would take me, but I refused because I was upset.

    I drove myself to the ER, and during the drive, the pain escalated to around 8. I was starting to doubt my decision to drive because it was becoming hard to focus while being in so much pain. I eventually got to the ER, and it was becoming a 9 as I entered the building. Waiting in line to sign in, I started to sweat like crazy, and the pain was becoming unbearable. After I signed in, I had a seat.

    I don't know how long I was in the waiting room, but it couldn't have been long. I think I was the 2nd person called in even though the ER was full of other people. The pain was a solid 9, and I had difficulty talking and moving. Trying to explain it to the nurse was hard, but I managed, and they sat me in a wheelchair and put me on a bed. While I don't want to say that at any point it was a 10 (I reserve 10 for when the pain is so great that I can't speak/am in some sort of shock), it was definitely approaching that point.

    They injected some kind of pain killer that helped with the pain within in a minute or so. It was an unusual feeling, a pressure throughout my entire body that made me feel very uncomfortable. But once the medication kicked in, the pain almost immediately dropped down to a 2-3. This is a normal amount of pain for me since I have a herniated disc, and I was able to answer their questions and do what they asked me to do (although the stuff they gave me made me very lethargic).

    They did an ultrasound and immediately know that my right kidney had a stone passing through the ureter. They also did a cat scan I guess to confirm, and make sure there weren't any other issues. After maybe 2 hours, I called my girlfriend to pick me up (her sister drove her to the ER and she drove me home in my car). They gave me a prescription for Percocet, which my girlfriend had to pay for (she was fine with that).

    My girlfriend has pride issues. She doesn't like being confronted about mistakes she makes, because she thinks I'm trying to make her feel bad, or rub it in, or whatever. She pretty much told me not to speak about it anymore, and that bothered me even more than her telling me she didn't have time to take me to the ER.

    There's something you need to understand about me, and it's actually connected to how I play Animal Crossing. I feel my life has absolutely no value, and that if I get some kind of cancer or terminal illness that can be cured/treated, I won't do it. I'll let the disease eat me alive. I don't know what's wrong with me, but my entire life as far back as I can remember, I've never wanted to be alive, but I always found someone to live for. At first, it was my father. When I was ~12 years old, I promised therapists, guidance counselors, anyone that would listen, that I would kill myself when my father died, because he was the only person I cared about (which wasn't true, I also care about my siblings).

    But back to Animal Crossing, I'm not exactly the kind of person to wallow in self-pity, even if I sound like I do. I do not believe in an afterlife (reincarnation is a possibility, but that still means that "I" die). Honestly, I hope there isn't an afterlife, because I don't want to be me anymore. It doesn't matter how successful I am. Nothing matters.

    It seems like there are many paths to choose when life doesn't really mean anything. Most people would probably turn to a life of crime/drugs, anything to ease the stress and pain of living. While I do drink a fair amount, I don't do drugs (I'd probably do marijuana if it was legal, and if there was an alternative to smoking it, because I've tried smoking it, and it sucks). The way I choose to live my life right now, is that even though I think my life is worthless, others may find uses for me. So I tend to offer my time, money, advice, music, all for free.

    Philanthropy, altruism, I'm not sure what is best to describe it. I prioritize the needs of others, over any sort of wants I may have. Sure, I have goals in Animal Crossing (most of which have been reached), but ultimately I wanted to help others, and I still do. I wanted to help everyone and anyone I could, to the best of my ability, and within reason. I think that we succeeded. Even though I managed my spreadsheets to determine how I could help people, I could not have done it without everyone being so generous, giving me your spare fossils, helping me catalog furniture sets, and giving me items I had been looking for.

    I've never really concerned myself with recognition. In fact, if my music were to suddenly become popular, and I had hundreds/thousands of strangers reaching out to me to let me know how good it is, I'd probably stop doing it and try to hide. I don't really want people to think highly of me, because even though I do things that helps others, I only do it because my life is garbage, and as long as I'm alive, I might as well help others, because I don't want to hurt anyone.

    I'm probably rambling again. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm still around if anyone is looking for anything. Just let me know what you're looking for. Over the next few days, I will begin to restore social contact. While I blocked everyone on Twitter that was following me, I immediately unblocked them all. However, I might just use a separate Twitter account to rebuild my friends list, one that doesn't really have anyone blocked.

    If you want to follow me on Twitter, I'm currently using @Xaromus. It's my rant account, so there may be some things tweeted that you might not like (although I think most of the tweets were just me bitching about how I can't get into FFXIV). I will follow anyone that follows me, and if you want to communicate a trade/catalog/town for selling/katie dropoff/etc, just let me know.

    As far as me and my girlfriend go, I've been with her for more than 13 years. I still love her, but I learned something about her that I'm not really sure how to take.

    Thanks for all your help, and for letting me help you guys out.

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    Sounds shit, man, but I'm glad you seem better. I've lost count of the amount of times I've instinctively said something stupid and immediately regretted it. People are dumb sometimes. Honestly, though, I'm sure I speak on behalf of everyone when I say you're a great, talented guy and that we wish you all the best. I know this is easy to say and incredibly trite, but you shouldn't put yourself down. Altruism is a wonderful feature, but it should just be that: a feature, an aspect. Please don't define yourself by others. Be a bit selfish. Shit, a lot; it sounds like you deserve it.

    That's my best attempt at a pep talk. Sorry if I came across as a didactic prick. I know I don't really know you, but I do know that you've trusted us with some very personal thoughts. I just thought that deserved a response.

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    Never do anything drastic, Alpha. Glad you're thinking things through. Honestly don't know what to say that could possibly be taken as meaningful. Take care, dude.

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    We're all good people here Alpha. I don't think I'm good with the good feelsies here on the internet, but I guess all I can do is ask myself one important question.

    "What would Scoot do?"


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    612 bells for turnips in my town fellas, come sell.

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    Got a Wii U yesterday, and my first post to the Miiverse was this.

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