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Thread: Animal Crossing New Leaf

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    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    New Leaf motherfuckers.

    I only recently got my 3DS before Christmas and it only just now occurred to me that Animal Crossing New Leaf is on its way. In a sort of Valve time kind of way. So I figured we could distract ourselves from guessing when it's coming out to North America (and UK) by discussing our hopes for New Leaf and other miscellaneous AC shenanibananas.

    Also, goddammit, we'll have to wait a whole year for our own legit Animal Crossing New Leaf Christmas and New Years.

    My fav neighbors have always been my OG Gamecube neighbors: Cashmere the style'in sheep, Goose the meathead chicken, and Gruff the best green billygoat ever.

    Also, here are everyone's participating friend codes! Get in the zone!

    ZombiePlatypus: 1805-2672-2046
    StriderHoang: 4828-3774-2570
    Brightside: 1719-3229-0680
    pk fire:
    Arrested Developer:
    Steve Hansen:
    Kakulukia: 0662-3357-7174
    0473 8714 1412
    Corduroy Turtle:
    lizzard king:
    Changston: 5472 7052 2713
    Bringpringles: 5300-9059-1682
    Casey Baker:
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    My wife still plays Wild World to this day. When I ask her if she wants a new Animal Crossing game, she says no, because she wouldn't want to start over from zero.

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    smurfee_mcgee's Avatar
    1,212 posts since Nov 2006

    This game needs to hurry the fuck up.

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    I hope this game draws me in as much as the GCN one did. I got the Wii and DS versions but they just didn't have that pull like my first hit of the series did.

    Still really looking forward to it, but I just know that for whatever reason I couldn't stick with the last couple half as long as I did the first game.

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    smurfee_mcgee's Avatar
    1,212 posts since Nov 2006

    There looks to be some actual effort for this one, as opposed to the Wii one. So I'm optimistic.

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    I never had the luxury of playing with other people on the GCN, so I appreciated Wild World's effort to visit other towns. Also, doing important errands on the go, like seeing Crazy Redd.

    I didn't even own a Wii long enough for City Folk.

    I am super excited to get new patterns via QR codes. Shit's gonna be easy street.

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    Glitchy's Avatar
    949 posts since May 2011

    The DS and Wii games just seemed like a half-hearted rehash of the GCN version. I dropped most of my free time into the GCN one when it was new but barely spent time with the newer versions.

    I'm excited for this one though. Better not let me down again.

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    Yeah, I had a similar experience to ZP and Glitchy. Love the original but found the sequels to be uninspired. I really hope they inject it with a bunch of fresh content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smurfee_mcgee View Post
    There looks to be some actual effort for this one, as opposed to the Wii one. So I'm optimistic.
    Yeah, this one definitely looks a lot better. I haven't been into Animal Crossing since Wild World because the DS was just the perfect system for it. That Wii one was shit.

    It's almost time to stat harvesting fruit again though.. My body is ready.

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    Looking forward to it. Still a little sad that they don't include free nes games like the first one.

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    Yeah, definitely; that was one of the best parts about the original. Imagine if they made mini-games specifically for Animal crossing and made up a system to play them on. <333

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    It's a bit of a convoluted way to get to your digital library, but I thought they should've given you an option to play the Virtual Console games you own via an in-game console in Animal Crossing. I think the 3DS version should do that to. It won't, but it should.

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    Analoge's Avatar
    852 posts since May 2009

    Oh man, I'm so damn excited for this game. We should exchange friend codes!

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    I've never exchanged friend codes for a 3DS game, how does it work? Does the 3DS itself have a universal code for all games, or does each individual game have its own code?

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    Analoge's Avatar
    852 posts since May 2009

    Universal code. You can find it on the main menu under the smiley face.

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    Buddha's Avatar
    9,316 posts since Jun 2007

    I've always wanted one but have never really played one. I never had a gamecube and up until about two weeks ago I never had a 3DS, so I'll be picking this up. It looks pretty great so far.

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    I wonder how many people will get onto the internet just to say they don't get it.

    Motherfucker, I am going to feng shui the shit outta my house. What's not to get.

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    Analoge's Avatar
    852 posts since May 2009

    what's there to get?

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    Kotaku has run at least two stories about how their editors don't get it.

    I know I'm talking about Kotaku but seriously.

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