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Thread: Story Time

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    Story Time

    I don't know about you guys, but I love reading, or even hearing stories people share about playing video games. Everyone has Elder Scrolls stories, so that's a great example because each person plays the game slightly different, and that can bring out totally unique (and hilarious) experiences.
    Plus I just want to brag about what I just accomplished...On to it!

    So I'm playing DOOM on SNES on the hardest difficulty, and here's the situation I get myself in.
    On E3M3 (One of the last levels in the game), and I die. So I start the level with just a pistol, losing all of my weapons and ammo. I get to a part where I know there's 2 Pinkies up ahead, just waiting to spring once I hit the switch. Normally not a problem, but I'm completely out of ammo, I even had to use my last BFG shot to kill a Cacodemon to even get this far. So I'm backtracking as hard as I can trying to find ANYTHING to help.

    Well the good news is I found a room I haven't been in yet, the bad news is there's always demons around the corner. So I carefully check the room and aside from some easy Imps I punched out, it's clear. I see a switch though and I know it will lower a pillar, and knowing this game, there's some demon waiting for me. Out of ammo, and only at 102 health, I go for it. Lucky me, it was a shotgun instead of a demon! Unlucky me, it only has 4 shots! However I know it takes 2 shots to kill a Pinkie, and with 2 Pinkies waiting for me...The math is there, time to back-backtrack!

    With only 4 Shotgun shells, I hit the switch and here come the Pinkies, BOOM BOOM, one down, BOOM BOOM, the second one down. Alright, good to go. As I approach the next room, I see it's HUGE, which means there's some big demon in there to, probably a Baron of Hell. So I try to sneak a peek Sam Fisher style, and see nothing, but I hear it, god dammit I hear it.
    With my balls in check, I sprint into the room spinning around trying to find whatever it is I hear, but the only thing I see is a stash in the corner with a rocket launcher, shotgun shells, and holy shit it's a backpack that not only doubles my ammo capacity, but fills it to half full!
    Needless to say, I was able to blast my way past the last section of the level.

    This is why modern shooters fucking suck, because they can never replicate this feeling of survival horror, while feeling absolutely rewarded.

    Edit: Woah, 666th post is about DOOM. The Alpaca-lypse!

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    I love moments in gaming like this, I'm too tired to think of one right now but I'll get back to you

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    I got nothing right now but I love DOOM and enjoyed the story. Totally agree nothing matches up to that feel.

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    Can not totally ingame stuff be posted? I might have a couple funny ones.

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    Not sure if within the rules but it's a story:

    1)Knights of the Old Republic 2 had finally come out and I can't remmeber if I gto it in GAME or in HMV. I went in to what is technically a city across the border, as we often did on Friday afternoons, just to see what was out. I kenw this was out and was so excited for it. I purchased it and was ready to play it as soon as I got home, but then I got a call from a friend asking me to go to the cinema. So I chose to go, which meant leaving my beloved game at home, to wait for me. When the film was over and I came home, I popped it into that big black bastardin' Xbox and played it until the sun came up.
    Later on I went to Aldi and alongside general groceries my folks were getting threw in one of those white/dark chocolate mix spread jars. I spent the whole day playing KOTOR II and fingering the contents of that jar into my mouth.

    2)Another similiar story was Mass Effect 2 had landed on my door when I was on campus. Unfortunately though not really, so had a friend 10 minutes later asking to go to the cinema...again. Different guy. Anyway this time I actually, sad as it is to admit, wanted to reall not go and instead play the game. But again I did the right thing (pfft) and went but I could not get home quick enough and rip open the packaging.

    More likely within the meaning of the thread:
    I was playing Skyrim (don't know if you guys have heard of that game before) and I think I've mentioned this in the Skyrim thread before but I had Mjona or whateve rher name is, with me. I came across a dragon and began to fight it, then I noticed two giants coming behind me in the not so far away distance. As I had just vanquished the dragon and Mjona the Zebra was taking on the Giants, something strange, mindboggling and marvellous happened.

    First three dragons appeared out of nowhere and landed to crips me up. Secondly, a giant bopped Moira the Stoat on the head and sent her bounce-flying up through the sky, abit like when you jump on the gnome in Half life Episode 2. I thought I'd lost her, which was annoying cos she was pretty hardcore and had a lot of good loot on her poor back.

    Then she plummeted to the ground...I thought "yeah Alf the Mangoose is dead," but noooo the bitch got back up and killed the giants and their mammoths and I destroyed the remaning gangbanging dragons.

    It was awesome, but it made me a bit scared of my waifu and what she was capable of. Yeah I married her.

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    That didn't even happen. Halo isn't even a name of a game.

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    I remember a decent run in Frontier: Elite 2 going awkwardly pear shaped when I went to a less than secure system early in the game.

    Knowing I had no real escape from my attackers I hit my hyperdrive and was greeted by an army of pirates that surrounded me in a perfect circle. I just about managed a quick spin of the camera to see what I'd jumped into before being obliterated.

    It's a moment in gaming I've never been able to recreate and have been fascinated by ever since.

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    A couple of years ago, I was playing Morrowind. I went into a dungeon, and after quite some time with no creatures or monsters and the only sounds being the wind, my echoing footsteps and a low-key part of the soundtrack, I finally came across a vampire. The fight was intense, but I defeated him. Then, I came across a book in a shelf. I picked it up and started to read. It was the story of a man and his transformation into a vampire, which transpired more as a decent into madness, and was a bit of an unsettling read. As I finished the book, I looked at the remains of the vampire (he was simply ashes), I wondered "Was that the man from the book?"

    The magic of the moment was spoiled by the appearence of another vampire, however.

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    I told this one to the Podsumaki guys for their Mortal Kombat episode.
    Was it MK2 with Lizard's playable debut? Think so, anyway I'm at a friends house and my brother Adam and I are playing on his SNES which was fairly usual, and we didn't have a Super Nintendo. My guy was Raiden, his Liu Kang but noooooo! He wants to practice with Lizard for some fucking reason. So he tells me lay off so could get the super moves down. There I am, sitting and watching this fuckwad while I had my Raiden standing lookin' stupid. Sixty seconds and that's it, I start spamming the flying move or whatever and Adam gets turbo pissed, he pushes me so I wrestle him down and tell him chill bitch. Then, as I go for the the controller and in the middle of sitting back down on the carpet WHAM! He nailed me-uppercut,like in stupid ass Mortal Kombat. I get up to kill, and he was fetalized behind a couch coushin. I gonna fuck you the fuck up! I said (we were twelve). Adam looked scared, but it was in a weird way. Then I notice some...

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    ...thing doesn't feel right. Adam tells me to go look in the mirror. I'm not even mad anymore because something wack was up. In the bathroom I spit a lot of blood and noticed I had one of my big front teeth knocked the fuck out. Adam came in, what are we going to tell mom and dad? Okay, I ate shit skateboarding.

    Because the truth was just too retarded.

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    Bulkmailer stories are the best.

    Can't think of a good one at the moment, but I did get to see Jesus wrestle Shaq once...and oh wait! We also had these two assholes who would invite you to a triple threat match, and when you accepted you'd get double-teamed by Wario and Waluigi. The Smackdown vs. Raw community was truly special back in the day.

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