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Thread: Another introduction thread

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    Another introduction thread


    “GameStatistics” is a very strange name for a gamer. Actually, this is the name of my personal project, and I’ll speak a bit about it in this first message.

    What is GameStatistics, then? To be short, GameStatistics makes quick and simple surveys on videogames topics: did the players of [xxxx] really love the game? Which point did they prefer? When and how did they buy it? Most of these surveys are related to a specific game, but it may change for further surveys.

    At the moment, all the surveys which have been done last year are only available in French (did I mention that I am French?), but it will probably change in the future. The last surveys we’ve done were related to Guild Wars 2, Game of Thrones and Diablo 3. However, Only French players have been interviewed up to now, but we would like from now to have the opinions of English-speaking players too. This is why I’ve came here in Destructoid board, among other places.

    Then, I hope I’ll be able to share some of these further surveys with some of you (actually, a first survey about Dishonored is currently open, but I’ll notify it in the specific thread related to the game, at least if the moderators agree) Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

    Before finishing this first post, I would like to introduce myself in a more personal point of view. Actually I am a pure PC player, especially fan of role-playing and strategy games. Anyway, I always try to make a distinction between the various GameStatistics surveys which are launched and what I think as a PC gamer. Also, as English is not my native language, please apologize for any mistake I can make : I’ll make my best to write in a correct English.Hello,
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    I think Devs use Facebook for this now anyway.

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    I admit I did not understand initially the copy/paste screen... Sorry for the double message !

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