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Thread: You might know me, but you might not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboKill View Post
    I feel fairly appreciated where I play. Then again I'm a pretty regular freelancer around where I live, when I'm not in school. (I'm also a music [education] major by the way. I do Upright and guitar, just upright for school of course.)

    Depending on how comfortable you are with your playing, you should ask around places, assuming you have a group, and ask if they ever desire live music. That's what I've done. It definitely made for some opportunities. I even did a wedding ceremony.
    I'm still taking lessons learning "proper" bass (chords, reading sheet, all that stuff) but, as of now, I still don't quite get how it's going to help me in the long run. That, and I feel like the stuff I like playing (real effect laden drone/doom/stoner stuff [note: not a stoner myself]) doesn't help me "get" proper bass technique anyway.

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    I thought that intro was fantastic, in a minimalist way. WAY TO GO BRO!


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    I remember you because Facts of Life. Welcome back.

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    Thebrasstheif sounds like the broseif. But you play bass. Good man. Welcome back. Here's some nice info:

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