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Thread: War For The Overworld

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    War For The Overworld

    War For The Overworld

    Wasnít able to find anything about kickstarter in forum rules and hope I donít violate any of those by posting this (btw the mentioned project is not mine and I donít have any connection to the actual developer).

    RTS/RPG/FPS hybrid, which draws its inspiration from Dungeon Keeper like games. In an alpha stage of development. Multiplayer and Co-op are present. Approved by Peter Molyneux (Creator of Dungeon Keeper and other various games).

    Itís Kickstarter campaign are almost over and almost funded:

    Supported it as well. Considering what I currently know about the game: it should be a worth successor of DK games.

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    Firstly, if you we're looking for rules about kickstarter you should've seen a rule that dictates that you must make an intro post.

    Secondly, there is a place for this king of thing in this sub-forum probably ask some mod to move it or something.

    And Thirdly, It certainly looks fun, good to see that it has reached the goal and still has 5 days to go. Not the type of game I wanna play but it looks good, and I hope people like the game when it comes out.

    Also, welcome to the forums, hope you stay longer than advertising, you'll see you'll like it
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    Yeah, we even have a thread for games on kickstarter or indie projects so this could easily have gone there instead of having it's own thread.

    That said, the game does look awesome!

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