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Thread: Don't Starve

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    Hey Phil, I know a way you don't starve. You eat a giant dick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arttemis View Post
    Hey Phil, I know a way you don't starve. You eat a giant dick.

    Dear Artt,

    May you get raped by a pack of wild dogs.



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    I'm on my 4th save or so. I guess after this one dies I'll unlock at leat the next two. I'm on day 32.

    Coincidentaly, the way things are going I'm probably gonna be killed by a pack of wild dogs.

    EDIT: Did you know that if you break a beehive with a torch the bees don't attack you? Fun stuff.

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    Ayup, died on day 35. Yeah, the bees attack you just the same. I don't know why they didn't before.

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    Killed by bees, you say?

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    Did they change it so you can't run away from them anymore?

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    You can, it's just that there were SO MANY OF THEM. Seriously. It was two hives that ONLY HAD KILLER BEES. No normal bees. At all. I had such a nice base going. Lots of farms, a few hiveboxes, lots of beefalo around...

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    A few things I learned:

    -You can plant butterflies if you catch them, and they become flowers. If you have ~4 bee boxes, a beekeeper's hat and lots of flowers around, you can get over 20 honey every day. If you have beefalo/rabbits around, that makes for some really fancy dinners;
    -Carry a log suit and a spear at all times;
    -Fuck rare fruits/vegetables. Stick with carrots/eggplants and get some berry bushes (you need to fertilize them once). They fill you up a lot more. Also skip popcorn. Normal corn is better;
    -Multiple crock pots.

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    You know honey is the best healing agent in the game right? Dont just be eating it. Stockpile.

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    I don't need to stockpile. I got so much honey it's not even funny. I make honeyed ham and honey nuggets EVERY DAY and still have more honey than I can use.

    Also I'm noticing lots of butterlfies spawning on my flowers. Time for some muffins.

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    So a new giant monster and a great reason to hunt koalephants. Sounds great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    So a new giant monster and a great reason to hunt koalephants. Sounds great.
    Couple of new creatures from what the email says. All in all, a nice meaty update. Can't wait to dive back in.

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    Winter is a bitch. Nothing grows. AND THESE FUCKING BEEFALO JUST WON'T CATCH ON FIRE. Dammit.

    Last edited by Victor; 03-07-2013 at 05:08 PM.

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    GOD DAMMIT VICTOR! Thats my thing! Kidding aside, I haven't been able to play, because this update fucking hates me. All sorts of problems on Steam. Le sigh.

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    You too? Mine got upto 100% and then 'suspended update' for some reason, won't resume.

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    Haven't tested yet, will later.

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