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Thread: Ship 2 Block 20 Podcast - gather together by the world of PSO we talk games,obviously

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    Ship 2 Block 20 Podcast -With our 20,962 download We are changing formats!

    Title edit note: Hi everyone that has listened to our podcast from the Dtoid community, I would like to thank you and inform you that your downloads as well as the downloads from everyone else that joined us on iTunes and Stitcher has hit the 20,000 mark. Since this is a thing and we got asked to make the show more about all videogames, that is what we did and the response has been huge. We hope that you enjoy the new format.

    Links and old post left unchanged below.
    Hey guys, thought I would leave this here for the podcast addicted. I host a Podcast with a group closely associated in the Phantasy Star Community, but fun think is, when it went up on itunes we ended up getting quite a bit different listeners so we just kinda turned in to a general gaming podcast that talks about a range of topics like Madusa's Pubic Snakes to Rule 34 Wii Fit Trainer.

    If you guys are interested in checking it out would love to get feed back from as many different groups as possible.

    For iTunes You can get it here. Best for iOS and Mac users.

    For Stitcher you can get it here. Best for Android and Windows users.
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    Episode 7 is now up, We have a 2 special guests, known throughout out the Phantasy Star Online community from EXP FULL podcast, as we talk about Old school Sega and dealing with Disgruntled Emails, and weird fans.

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    Episode 8-Full Nelson Rusty Trombone is now up on the feeds. We are also now on Stitcher if you hate using apple for your podcasting needs. Which I will edit in to the top post.
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    Episode 9- I'm a rubber ducky? is uploaded and on streams now. hope you that see this hear enjoy it.

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    Episode 9 pushed us to over the 20,000 download mark with it being our most listened to and most liked episode.

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    Episode 10-The House of Gabe Newell

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    Episode 11- Magically Disappearing Kyle!

    Episode 11- Magically Disappearing Kyle!

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    Episode 12-Final Fantasy XIII: Lighting’s Return to over Sexualization.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Episode 13 – Clitoral Insertion.

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    Holy shit night, it really is a small world, do you remember me? It's Slade!

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