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Thread: Don't Starve

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    dtoidsurprise Don't Starve

    Didn't see any threads about this awesome gem coming from Klei, so I thought I'd start one. Anyone buy it from Steam yet? Dying to talk about it, with other players. I'm sure my twitter feed is sick of me talking about it.

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    Well I haven't got it but it looks interesting, what exactly do you do in it? Is it a survival game?

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    No idea what this is. Googled it and it seems like a black and white Harvest Moon? Sounds cool to me! The update posters are beyond awesome:

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    Yes, its a survival game. You have to collect resources and combine them into other stuff, fight monsters, gather and grow food and grow an awesome beard, or be other 'hidden' characters. Most fun I've had in the genre since Terraria (and more so than that one). All of that stuff wrapped up in a 2D Tim Burton-esque art style. Even in the current beta (which is updated every 2 weeks) its a complete and awesome game and they keep adding stuff. The support from Klei is downright amazing.

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    NEW UPDATE TOMORROW! Squeeee! I'm excited. Looks like we get some turf building abilities to make our camps all sexy and less likely to catch fire. Check out the trailer at

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    I bought it directly from the official website as it worked out that little bit cheaper than Steam, and I have a couple of friends who wanted to try it out who have Macs and I got 2 Steam copies and 2 Chrome copies. I love it, very fun to play! The art style is great. I gotta admit that I'm not very good at it though! I know a lot of people have survived for 200+ days... I got to around 13...

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    I've been playing it on Chrome and love it. I've played the 20minute demo more than I consider sane.

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    I played this awhile back. It didn't really grab me like Minecraft or Terraria did.

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    I read Phil's Cblog and now I'm curious. Might have to dig out a spot in my backlog for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zodiac Eclipse View Post
    I read Phil's Cblog and now I'm curious. Might have to dig out a spot in my backlog for this.
    Well depending on the size of your log and as much I want to scream play this, you could wait. It is still in beta and I know how nasty those backlogs can be.

    If anyone cares, I'll be posting another diary blog probably by Tuesday. Don't want to recap my own shit this weekend (already feel weird capping the show) and I am busy tomorrow.

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    So how much progress has anybody made in this? I think I'm at about day 30 and I've research most of everything available through the two science machines.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    So how much progress has anybody made in this? I think I'm at about day 30 and I've research most of everything available through the two science machines.
    I've seen people over 300 days in. It's crazy. My record is now 79 days. I keep experimenting with different item combos and their effect on the world myself. That brings me enough joy between updates. Speaking of which:

    That's right, the latest enhancements to the Don't Starve experience are aptly named "Progress!". As of today you will be able to take advantage of a bevy of new features. Here's a small sample. For the full list, head over to our forums to discuss.

    You can escape the world by finding... things... and doing... stuff with them.

    New Research Method:
    Under the new research method, you unlock access to tiers of recipes by building research machines. This is a big change, so we've made it optional when you start a new world.

    New Character:
    Wickerbottom the librarian can be unlocked with XP. She gets a bonus research tier, because she is so smart.

    New Creatures:
    There arebaby beefalo. You can eat them, if you are a terrible person.

    Disgusting worm mouths are sprinkled throughout new worlds. I dare you to click on one!

    There is a new, elusive herbivore that you can hunt. He is hard to find, and harder to catch. He drops some unique loot and lots of meat.

    New Craftables:
    You can build three types of defensive walls (straw, wood, and stone).
    You can make wooden floor tiles and place them like turf.
    You can make a boomerang and throw it at other creatures.
    You can build a pitchfork, which takes over turfing duties from the shovel.
    You can craft a nice, comfy summer vest. How dashing!

    There are a ton of other fixes, tweaks and enhancements. For the full break down, check out this most informative forum post.

    Trailer: http://kleientertainment.us2.list-ma...4&e=323f9df2e7

    Pretty stoked for this one as it adds an endgame to shoot for finally, based on the story. Not that I'll ever want to really end my game more than once for each character, but its nice its there.

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    Oh snap, walls and floors!? Damnit, I might have to upgrade from the demo now.......

    Fucking Phil....

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    New Character:
    Wes! Do you think Don’t Starve is too easy? Try playing as Wes, the mime! He’s not good at doing anything!

    The player character loses sanity when he is left alone in the dark, gets close to scary monsters, or does crazy things like eating monster meat or jumping through a wormhole. Sanity can be regained through acts of dapperness, like wearing fancy clothes in the sunshine and eating candy.

    Low sanity is not fatal, but strange creatures from another time and place are attracted to madness. There are new, powerful items that can be built from the nightmare fuel that they leave behind when killed.

    Save Slots:
    You can have up to four save games at once now. Your existing save will be imported into the first slot when you start the game for the first time.

    Sandbox Mode:
    This is the game as you all know it. There will eventually be a customization screen before you start a level, but you just get the default generation for now.

    Experimental Adventure Mode:
    When you start a new game, you can choose to play in adventure (ie story) mode. Currently, there are five levels of difficulty as you progress through the levels. This is an early test, so we have a lot of work to do to make these levels meaningful and fun. We also need to add the story’s ending. This is for experienced DS players who want a taste of the future.

    Monsters and followers can navigate around corners and walls.

    Mod Support (steam only):
    Modding is now allowed! We’re distributing the the source scripts with the game, so have a look in data/scripts, and see what you can do. There is an example (machine-translated) French language pack included with the game to get you started.

    See the modding forum for more details:

    New Craftables:

    • Bush Hat - Hide from your enemies in plain sight.
    • Night light - Light your nights with nightmare fuel.
    • Night Armour - Protects the flesh, but sacrifices the mind.
    • Night Sword - Live by the sword, go crazy by the sword.
    • Cobbles - Build your own roads.
    • Taffy + Pumpkin Cookies - New recipes! Mmmmmmm!


    • The tent is cheaper to make, and doesn’t restore health any more.
    • Natural roads are curvy and look better.
    • There is a way for non-wilson characters to find beard hairs in the wild.
    • Sometimes, when you find pig villages, they will have carrot and flower farms.
    • Lots of small, under-the-hood changes to the world gen.
    • Seeds provide less hunger.
    • Birds drop a feather -or- a morsel, never both.
    • Rabbits take longer to respawn.
    • Hounds drop teeth less often.
    • Traps and Toothtraps have slightly fewer uses.
    • Farms take a bit longer to grow.
    • Birds won’t land on seeds if you are standing too close to them.
    • Spider dens spit out less creep.
    • Creep without a spider den disappears. (As a side-effect, creep can no longer be picked up and placed.)
    • Walls have more health.
    • Torches cost more to build, but last longer.
    • Corpses are back!

    Bug Fixes:

    • There is much less mist in the graveyards, since it was causing performance and visibility problems.
    • Stuff that falls near the ocean shouldn’t disappear.
    • Stone walls don’t take fire damage.
    • Hounds don’t follow you through the teleportato.
    • You can’t be killed while you are using the teleportato.
    • Stumps no longer rain from the sky on loading some games.
    • Rabbits no longer phase through obstacles.
    • Placers for campfires won’t disappear into the night when trying to build them.
    • Heated beefalo won’t go out of their way to aggro walls.
    • Spider queens no longer give birth to unlimited spiders when they have a combat target.

    The old world gen and the old research system have been removed. If you have an existing save game that was using the old research system, you will have to build some science machines to unlock your recipes.

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    Bush hat is almost useless. New world gen is great. Beefalos in heat + hiveboxes = a fucking load of stingers on the ground.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Bush hat is almost useless. New world gen is great. Beefalos in heat + hiveboxes = a fucking load of stinger on the ground.
    That's a damn fine idea. I feel bad. Went on a baby killing spree. The young meat is tender....

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    I was shaving beefalos and wandered into the dark. Thing is I was playing the pyro girl and it started a fire. The entire herd died. ~60 pieces of meat and a fuckload of wool. It was pretty nasty.

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    Have you unlocked the robot yet? I had a save wipeout two updates ago and had to start all over. Curious how he plays.

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