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Thread: Looking for STALKER (Steam)

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    dtoidrolleye Looking for STALKER (Steam)

    Shadows of churned buttholes or w/e it's called

    I have Serious Sam 3 with DLC , Wh40K: Dawn of War GOTY and Hotline Miami for trade (All Steam).

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    noobspoon's Avatar
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    I could do stalker for serious sam 3+DLC, what is your steam ID?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noobspoon View Post
    I could do stalker for serious sam 3+DLC, what is your steam ID?

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    Hit ya up on Steam there partner.... At least I thought it was you (Im Philena Gomez), anyways if not, here's mine: hillbillysk8

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    If he can't do it, I can do it for Hotline Miami. Sent you an invite.

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