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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    destructoid Hello Everyone

    "Post Removed"
    Last edited by Treasure; 12-21-2012 at 06:30 PM.

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    First and foremost, let me apologize in advance, but what must be done must be done. Here we go.

    What the fuck is this? Does your keyboard lack a full set of characters, or did you simply have another daily stroke? If I slaughtered a retarded baby over my keyboard I'm fairly certain the result would be a more comprehensive and intelligent creation than this literary abortion. You got a fuckin' name Treasure? I do, it's Nick, and it says so in MY FUCKING introduction thread, along with other more or less relevant information about myself and my interests. Sorry we can't all be forum member 109572382-j, but I guess having a personality is a bit of a niche hobby these days. Sorry to be so pretentious.

    Making a decent introduction isn't the same thing as creating fucking Ununtrium, all it involves is a name, some basic information about yourself, and a list of games never hurts, this being primarily a gaming forum as it is. Don't feel bad though, yours isn't exactly the worst I've ever seen, it's just really, really close. And I've seen some gods awful failures when it comes to intro's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vahnati View Post

    Damn son, you got angry.

    But yeah, flesh out your intro with some more info.

    And welcome to the Forums.

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    There has been a disappointing lack of bad guys as cool as Mojo Jojo as of late. Times are grim indeed.

    No rage involved Jon, just helpful information. Just because my words are different from yours, doesn't mean I'm sitting here howling in rage. I have fun, it's what I do, makes life more interesting.

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    I didn't think you sounded angry at all -- well you did but not in a serious way. I lost hard at "you got a fuckin' name Treasure?"

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    I laughed from pretty much everything "Did you have another daily stroke?" and onwards.

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    Dude, you removed your post and that is sad.' Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage is a great game and makes me love couch co-op more than ever before. I'm gonna pretend your name is a reference to that becuaes it gives me the good feels:

    If psycho clown was an asshole to you, get over it. Post about yourself, or don't. Thios is like ';Whose Line", the intros don;t matter but we ask for 'em anyway.

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