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Thread: SO I'm finally on a forum!

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    SO I'm finally on a forum!

    Hey guy's I'm new to the whole forum experience have been a huge fan of games my whole life (SNES born and breed) and i just thought i should really get into a forum community and i'm surprised it's taken me this long :P

    any-who here's a bit about me I <3 Halo, Metroid, Viewtiful Joe, L.O.Z. and D.K.C. just to name a few and i have just gotten into making Videos for YouTube which is fun here's my channel if you guy wana check it out
    so what's up? and what threads should i check out?

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    You should check out the "How to make an introduction" thread before I come here and notice this horrendous, noxious disease of an introduction.

    Oh wait... It's too late for that.

    This paltry amount of information is just under the benchmark for mediocrity around these parts, and that's saying something given the state of the forums nowadays. Try giving us a little more information about yourself outside of "I'm a gamer, I like games." You like Halo. That's nice. What are we talking about here, Combat Evolved or one of the shitty ones (Read; anything with the name Halo and the words Combat Evolved not following it)?

    It's refreshing, at any rate, to see that you at least had the presence of mind to include some shameless self-promoting, so there's that I suppose. If you want a welcome to the forums, you're going to have to work for it a little bit, and not just expect that the fact you play video games will suffice.

    Don't worry though, I'm sure everyone else will be along shortly with cookies and ice cream and hugs to happily accept you into the forums because, well, having standards is something reserved solely for self-respecting people. There's a lot you can find on these forums, but that particular quality is the golden unicorn.

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    You so bad, Vahnati. I mean, Vahnaughty.

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    Vahnati's Avatar
    2,504 posts since Dec 2006
    I can only guess as to how long you've been waiting to spring that one... xD

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    PappaDukes's Avatar
    13,591 posts since Mar 2007

    Too long.

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    You're British. That sucks. How are your teeth? Are you on welfare or do you have a job? What do you even do for a living? What the fuck is a youtube? Share with me your opinions on current events at both a national and international level. What shitty British television do you watch? Welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaDukes View Post
    Too long.
    It's the build up that makes that big moment all the more better though, isn't it?

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    4 posts since Dec 2012
    Thanks guy's what colour do you want your BFF necklace in gold or silver?

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    Vahnati's Avatar
    2,504 posts since Dec 2006
    Ununtrium please.

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    Welcome, comrade. Tell us some more about yourself. What's your favorite LOZ game? How do you feel about Halo 4? What's the story behind your unsightly avatar? Is your last name really Stereo?

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    Another commie brit bastard eh? Welcome!

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    Someone's taking the internet a bit too seriously, don't mind him.

    Welcome, when you tell us more about yourself, that's when the real fun will commence.

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    2,504 posts since Dec 2006
    Someone's gotta check 'em at the door, otherwise there's no telling who gets in this place.

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    You're right. Don't wanna get shanked up in here.

    We're going to have to do a full search on you Danstereo. Including a cavity. Somebody quick, [Puts on glove] get me the lube.

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    Vahnati's Avatar
    2,504 posts since Dec 2006
    You use lube for cavity searches? When did the "Everybody be a Mr. Nice Panzy Bitch" mandate get passed?

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    You know what Danstereo, forget it, bring your shank.

    But beware, I've dance with blades before.

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