Do you like drinking? Do you have children? Do you like drinking and acting like children? Do you like getting things for free? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Kinect Party is for you. Originally announced pre-PAX as Double Fine Happy Action TV, then quickly renamed as Kinect Party, this game is a follow-up to the XBLA game Double Fine Happy Action Theatre, and is free during the holidays.

This new game folds all of the activities of DFHAT into a bigger game with little animations in between. When I downloaded the game, it seems you have a small set of initial activities both new and old, but when I unlocked the full game (for free), it saw that I had the previous game and added a bunch more new stuff and (apparently) all of DFHAT. Not sure what that will all look like if you donít have DFHAT or download it after New Years.

Be a Butterfly that shots lasers, spawn on a frogís tongue and get eaten like a fly, frolic in hot lava, dance like a lunatic in a psychedelic version of your living room, see what your body looks like when the Star Trek Transporter malfunctions; there are dozens and dozens of fun little goofy activities. If none of the above sounds like fun then you are dead inside or entirely too sober.

Did I mention the game is free right now?