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Thread: Binary Chode (Don't call it a comeback)

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    Yeah, like you can afford to fire the only one to have a chemistry set. Nice try.

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    That was pretty good! Also, I think I've read one or two of those Necroscope books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    That was pretty good! Also, I think I've read one or two of those Necroscope books.
    I love Lumley's shit. I have a number of autographed volumes. His vampire mythos is my favorite by far, especially once you hit The Source and the entire barbaric vampire world.

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    Yeah, I think the Source was the one I read, I remember something to do with a soviet base and the otherworld bit near the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Panzadolphin56 View Post
    Yeah, I think the Source was the one I read, I remember something to do with a soviet base and the otherworld bit near the end.
    Yea, that's the 3rd volume. It's gets so much better. The vampire world trilogy turned out to be some of my favorite vampire literature ever. Just so fucking brutal.

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    Sweet! Downloading now.

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    Didn't make the cut, but relevant.

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    Binary Chode 003 - Fuck Spider-man in the leg hole

    Merry Christmas everyone! At first, we thought this would be a bonus episode. Then Jon started editing it and realized that it was nearly an hour long, so it's worthy of being called Episode 3 instead of a b-side or something. However, keep in mind that we're all just shooting whatever shit comes at the top of our heads. No google doc was harmed in the making of this episode.

    This week, we talk about the toys and games we played as kids that influenced why we like science, technology, and sci-fi. In the process, we learn that Levi was a mad scientist, Conor accuses Jon of having no business talking about science, and Clint's kids are budding scientists in the sense that they really like experimenting with themselves. Just your typical Monday banter.

    If you like the music snippets that you heard, give Suck City by Black Math and bitterfly by etc. the full listen.


    Mr. Wizard is a dick.
    The opening to Beakman's World
    Fox to revamp acclaimed science series 'Cosmos' with Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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    I think we had creepy crawlers - I remember adverts for something similar to what ZP described at any rate, might have been edible ones though, I remember them making special note of the fact you could squeeze them and goo would come out.

    Anyway, good episode!

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    Well now that I've watched that video I disagree with the whol "Mr. Wizard is a dick" thing. I was expecting to see him lashing out at a kid or something.

    Mr. Wizard is still a cool dude in my book.

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    Hahaha. I'd forgotten what we discussed that night. I'm totally buying my kids a Sea Monkey kit now.

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    I laughed out loud at this episode! Classic

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    Binary Chode 004 - Of eye bones, new bones, and boners

    New year, same shenanigans. We get ready to molt our 2012 exoskeletons by taking a look at some of the coolest (and uncoolest) things that happened last year in science. We also talk about stem cells appearing in places they probably shouldn't be. Then, animal sex, like we promised. Another name for this episode could be "Conor mouth breathes and reacts to things." Because he does. A lot.


    Also for the new year, a new opening theme. Let us know how you feel about Cashflow by Beardfish. Our ending theme is still bitterfly by etc.


    In the flesh, the embedded dangers of untested stem cell cosmetics

    Baby grows 2-inch feather from neck

    27 Science Fictions that became science facts in 2012

    Sex patterns in the animal kingdom

    Clownfish are all born male

    I'm not sure how the mods feel about animal penises being linked to in the forums. So visit the website to get all the hot animal dickings you want.

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    Holy shit, dig sounds like he was legitimately saddened by the Finding Nemo thing.

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    I'm listening to it now and Chang makes a giant leap from "swapping genders" to "child fucking". Not the same, bro.

    I'm just saying.

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    wow that nemo fact, man I know have to go watch the movie again, I'm glad I made that question. I knew that there was probably some kind of pedophilia, because that's what animals do, they reproduce to survive.

    I was going to ask about homosexuality among animals, it's a thing that I know that is also a common factor, but I thought someone else would ask that eventually.

    And thank you for answering my Gojira question, and I really need to see the original movie since I've only seen that Hollywod crap movie and lately I've been into godzila because of some comics I've been reading, Now the reason I asked if godzila might come from space is related to a series of comics that IDW has been publishing. Namely the mini series Half Century War, that has godzilla fight a bunch of different monsters here are some

    It's just awesome to look at James Stocko is an awesome artist.

    Now in issue number 4 there is a plot in which a evil scientist dude has built a machine that is a beacon for all the beasts and builds one so powerfull that a space godzilla arrives to earth.

    He looks like motherfucking king of godzillas and it's just awesome.

    I had the feeling that the original godzilla story was what you explained, but this is awesome

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    Yeah, it's been a while since I've seen the Godzilla vs Space Godzilla movie, but if I remember right Space G was some kind of mutation from Godzilla's DNA that was floating through space and got irradiated somehow.

    My favorite Godzilla movie is easily Godzilla vs Gigan. It's from the '70s and is pretty bat shit crazy, even for a giant monster flick. It has evil alien cockroaches that look like people, an anti-alien resistance crew made up of Japanese hippies, a comic book artist with some crazy monster ideas (his sketches crack me up), a talking Godzilla and Anguirus teaming up against Gigan and King Ghidorah, and a surprising amount of blood for an older Godzilla flick. It was probably my most watched VHS as a kid.

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