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Thread: Your dream game - Pitch it

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    Your dream game - Pitch it

    Simple concept: we all have a dream game. One that probably never will be made but probably should be. Pitch it for the forum to judge.

    Mine is this: It'd be either an adaption of or an homage to The Borrowers, the classic story about tiny people that can fit in the palm of your hand that live in the walls of humans (referred to by the Borrowers as "beans"). The Borrowers survive by doing what their namesake implies: borrowing. They go out at night and "borrow" the things from the house they need, like sugar, milk, toilet paper, etc.

    You would play as one of the Borrowers, and each mission would involve you sneaking out of the wall and finding and borrowing the things needed for survival. The entire house would be open for exploration and would have multiple paths to each goal. A typical scenario would involve getting a plate for your kitchen. You would need to find some way to the upstairs to get to the girl's room where a dollhouse is. Along the way, you'd run into various obstacles, such as cats, sleepless beans, etc. There would be areas where you could take an alternate path through a crack in the wall, but would need to climb a perilous path to get there. The game would use a stamina system like in I Am Alive, which actually made climbing a possibly lethal venture. After you got the object of your desire, you'd have to get back.

    Every so often you'd need to move houses, presenting newer areas to explore. The plot reasons as to why you would need to move are beyond me, but I'm not a writer so shut up. The visual style would need to be storybook-ish. Think Winnie the Pooh or My Neighbor Totoro. An emphasis would be made for fluid, dynamic animations and tight controls. Something like Uncharted's smooth animations mixed with Max Payne 3's procedural animation system. So, yeah. That's my idea. I would get Arkane Studios, who just made the stellar stealth game Dishonored, which also had an emphasis on exploration and choice.
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    Nothing to see here lalalala~
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    No, YOU are a dream game!

    You could ask a mod to fix it.

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    Trying to get a hold of Andy or Joanna as we speak.

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    Brap brap.

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    Thanks gurl.

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    No worries, yo.

    Dream game... Uh, one that would do my essays for me. I got nothin'.

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    Magic Carpet, but Dragons instead of carpets. That's it.

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    So, basically Flight Simulator X but with dragons. I can dig it.

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    More than flight sim. It was a great MP king of the hill type shooter. I loved destroying my enemies, gathering mana, and building my fortress up. The dragons would make that shit rad though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombiePlatypus View Post
    Okay, I've had a particular idea kicking around in my noggin since high school, when I honestly believed there might be a slight chance that I'd be able to make it someday. That belief has passed, but I've still thought about it over the years.

    The game is an RPG named "The Comic". The character you play as is a modern day stand-up comic, who gets transplanted to a ruined future after a set one night. He gets tossed into a party with a handful of other people ripped from their lives at various points in time; a professional hockey player from the '70s, a desk cop from the near future, a farmer from feudal Japan, a serial killer from the 1800s, etc. They've all been brought together by what's left of humanity to fight an evil that's been mercilessly opressing them and destroying the planet. You'd find out later in the game that you're far from the first group to have been kidnapped from time and sent on this mission, as hundreds of similar groups have been brought together, sent out and subsequently killed attempting the task.

    Anyways, the hook is that being a comedian by trade your character ends up using his skills in the various settlements and towns your party finds themselves in. It starts small, just him trying to keep his sanity by doing all he knows and telling some jokes to a couple folks. More and more people hang around and spread word of you that towns you've never even been to yet are requesting that you perform for them, to raise spirits. Eventually you're filling taverns and townhalls.

    The comedy shows are done similar to dialogue choices in Mass Effect, but with slightly more variation. Are you going to be raunchy? Clean? An insult comic, an observationalist or use a lot of physical humor? Ideally I'd have a few comedians on staff to help flesh out the acts and write different jokes for different choices. Anyways, the style of your show reflects on how people view you, and the overall emotional state of the entire surviving population eventually as your quest goes along towards it's conclusion. Whether you were a big asshole, a goofy doofus, a regular set-up then punchline kinda guy or something else would factor into your game's ending. The emotional state of those future survivors would also factor into whether you complete your task or not. If you're a damn funny insult comic, but the majority of the population hates you, the end boss will be tougher, since it feeds off of misery. The game can end with you failing.

    tl;dr- Turn-based RPG with emphasis on social interactions and personal choice, with a mild dash of Bill & Ted in a dark future-fantasy setting, revolving around stand-up comedy.

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    So like, you're in a building and you have a knife and you just go up to people and stab it in their neck and like twist it.

    A friend said something like that to me once because he is a crazy, but ever since I've imagined a game where you're basically a psychotic murderer in one of many situations. It's a sandbox murder spree simulator I guess? Not my dream game, but somebody's.

    I'm not particularly great at having original ideas for stuff like this, I'm better at bouncing ideas around and improving on them. I don't think I could even have a dream game because I value the variety and differences between the games I play and don't think there could be any single one that could have everything I want in a game.

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    They already made that game Tarvu. It's called Hotline Miami.
    I really dig yours though, Platypus. Really interesting idea.

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    Bitch please. I'm talking like real sick, sinister full blown realistic 3D graphics. Like 90% of the audio recorded for the game would be screams of pain.

    Again, totally not my dream game.

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    I like your idea ZP, that's very cool. Tarvu, you're a psycho.

    I have a few, nothing too radical. I like the idea of a sort of retro-look/32-bit RPG with a really dark tone and a Sci-Fi noir art style, perhaps a cross between a sort of visual novel/graphic adventure game (like Snatcher) and an old-school RPG with horror elements. It'd be set in some sort of post-apocalyptic world, and you'd play just some gutter punk trying to survive, eeking out a living from the gangs before moving up to the Hive city above. Moving between the two worlds of the sort of free-for-all Mad Max underworld, where it's mostly all poverty and desperation and this sort of rich utopian megacity that sits above and apart from the old city beneath, where the emphasis is more on how out of touch the wealthy few are and pandering to the whims of the elites as you solve cases/go on quests, and your character reflects on the two worlds and how shallow it all is. You'd maybe have a few decision points that'd change the ending/world outcome but it'd mostly be linear with some sidequests/cases. What'd set it apart most would be the shifts in gameplay style - from RPG, to visual novel/cinematic when proper exposition is needed, to top-down driving or side-on driving sections, oh and shootouts.

    Also, there'd be knock-off xenomorphs and terminators hanging around, you wouldn't encounter them too often, and it'd mostly be in the undercity but they'd add to the 'dangerous wilderness' vibe. You'd hear about neighbourhoods being infested or people getting snatched and replaced, and their doppelgangers going on killing sprees or whatever aswell as skinless ones.

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    Pow! Right in the kisser!
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    Anything with this guy in it:

    Make it happen, ZP.

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    What the fuck is that? It's everything awesome.

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    It's ZP's doodle of Victor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PappaDukes View Post
    Make it happen, ZP.
    That's Badstar's idea. I really need to talk to him and find out what all he might have in mind, because making designs for characters is pretty much right up my alley.

    And most people who scribble's alley as well, but yeah.

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