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    Your dream game - Pitch it

    Simple concept: we all have a dream game. One that probably never will be made but probably should be. Pitch it for the forum to judge.

    Mine is this: It'd be either an adaption of or an homage to The Borrowers, the classic story about tiny people that can fit in the palm of your hand that live in the walls of humans (referred to by the Borrowers as "beans"). The Borrowers survive by doing what their namesake implies: borrowing. They go out at night and "borrow" the things from the house they need, like sugar, milk, toilet paper, etc.

    You would play as one of the Borrowers, and each mission would involve you sneaking out of the wall and finding and borrowing the things needed for survival. The entire house would be open for exploration and would have multiple paths to each goal. A typical scenario would involve getting a plate for your kitchen. You would need to find some way to the upstairs to get to the girl's room where a dollhouse is. Along the way, you'd run into various obstacles, such as cats, sleepless beans, etc. There would be areas where you could take an alternate path through a crack in the wall, but would need to climb a perilous path to get there. The game would use a stamina system like in I Am Alive, which actually made climbing a possibly lethal venture. After you got the object of your desire, you'd have to get back.

    Every so often you'd need to move houses, presenting newer areas to explore. The plot reasons as to why you would need to move are beyond me, but I'm not a writer so shut up. The visual style would need to be storybook-ish. Think Winnie the Pooh or My Neighbor Totoro. An emphasis would be made for fluid, dynamic animations and tight controls. Something like Uncharted's smooth animations mixed with Max Payne 3's procedural animation system. So, yeah. That's my idea. I would get Arkane Studios, who just made the stellar stealth game Dishonored, which also had an emphasis on exploration and choice.
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