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Thread: Metal Gear Megathread

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    When snake had to awkwardly clip through a cooked snake's polygon model to fake the act of biting it, he didn't bitch.

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    Solidus thinks he can change his name and disappear, but I'm onto him.

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    That was him forcing his way through perceived reality as he survived the madness of the jungle


    was referring to Bloo's post but fuck it, works for Rev's too

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    And they took my skateboard, dude! That was the worst of all!

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    You have a problems with skater? I will Tony Hawk your shit, f4gg0t

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    I could have brought down the entire La Li Lu Le Lo with one well played game of Horse.

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    oh yeah? i have skater comics

    he was basically Jesus

    dude's board was like Cap's shield, and he was a priest of the streets


    off topic but i just made you an better people through the mere mention of his name
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    Quote Originally Posted by Revuhlooshun View Post

    They removed the bugs? That's odd :/

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    =( I'm guessing there's no hope of a patch coming...

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    No. It's due to hardware limitations. The PS2's Emotion Engine and its eDRAM were capable of generating an incredible amount of particle effects at once--rain, fire, snow, or in this instance, hundreds of bugs. Sometimes the bugs show up, and sometimes they don't. On backwards-compatible PS3s that have the EE chip, the bugs will always show up.

    When you're around large amounts of particle effects in MGS3, the framerate drops dramatically because of these hardware limitations (which is probably why they originally kept the game at 30fps). It's also a problem in Zone of the Enders HD, another game with heavy particle effects. Kojima has a reputation of taking whatever hardware's he on at the time and pushing it to the max. On the one hand, it's respectable that he's uncompromising in his vision. On the other hand, his games of the last decade tend to suffer because of it. Then when his games are ported onto different systems, they have trouble keeping up with the PS2's unique architecture, despite it being outdated technology.

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    Fucking graphics whore

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    Overzealous debugging?

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    I hope you're all watching this.

    Ground Zeroes + Phantom Pain = MGS 5

    looks so goood

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    I've never been more pleased to see a man flopping abut on the floor. I cannot wait for this.

    Edit: Has Hayter been replaced?

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    Been waiting for this since they announced it, now I can't get on the stream.

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    Wow, those soldier character models looks really good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brightside View Post
    Edit: Has Hayter been replaced?
    Sounds like it, it's not him doing the grunts and whatnot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thymeparadox View Post
    Been waiting for this since they announced it, now I can't get on the stream.
    Try this:

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    Could the voice just be a placeholder?

    Also, someone uploaded the first part of the footage in beautiful sd.

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