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Thread: New Sega Genesis Horror Game "Sacred Line Genesis" Is Now Available From Watermelon

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    dtoiddisco New Sega Genesis Horror Game "Sacred Line Genesis" Is Now Available From Watermelon

    Because why not.

    Quote Originally Posted by
    WaterMelon Games, the studio that released Pier Solar HD last year, has published Sasha Darko’s horror-themed 16-bit visual novel Sacred Line Genesis for the Sega Genesis. Yes, the year is still 2015, I promise.

    You can purchase it right now for $39 on Magical Game Factory (WaterMelon’s own game store) and international shipping is free. For that price, you get the game cartridge, a color instruction manual, a paper insert for a clamshell box, and “extra goodies.” It works with any PAL or NTSC Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

    Sacred Line Genesis has you playing as a private detective called Ellen who lives in eastern Europe. As her business isn’t doing well, Ellen decides to shut shop, but as she is about to close it down a mysterious phone call tells her to investigate a hidden forest outpost, so she does.

    Of course, a nightmare awakens on Ellen from there one. The game has multiple endings to discover and plenty of secrets to find along the way.

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    Well, congrats on getting your game published. That's pretty cool for such an obscure medium.

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