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Thread: Communitoid Episode 005 - Do You Even Lift?

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    If you were going to sit there and watch a still logo image while the audio played on youtube... why not just listen to the podcast normally?

    I don't even.

    Anyhoo, good show again, lads and ladies.

    Nope, that's it, got nowt else to add.

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    The debate ended a page ago. My idea is there for people to take or leave. Hopefully I'm not coming off as rude here but it's not up to me how these guys do their thing; furthermore, I'm not even remotely interested in getting drawn into a prolonged debate. As a matter of fact I kind of regret having spoken up with an idea in the first place. Mxy probably thought of the option way before I did, and decided against it because reasons. His business, or whoever's working on it. I'm just gonna tell you the same thing I told Tarvu. w/e

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    Going to pass on reuploading full shows to YouTube, since the podcast can already be streamed through practically everything that can use a web browser (including IE on 360) or read a RSS feed, and I pay money every month for hosting/bandwidth on libsyn. If I split the download sources up then all the nifty analytics I have access to becomes less accurate, making it harder to get an idea of how many listen, from where, and when. The benefits of keeping the downloads coming from a single source outweigh the chances of bringing in a few more random listeners on YouTube.

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    I would like to point out that I said SICK BURN on the train when I heard Mom's response to DJ Puppy's question.

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    Enjoyed this episode, thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by Changston View Post
    I would like to point out that I said SICK BURN on the train when I heard Mom's response to DJ Puppy's question.
    You were probably the only on who got it then. Everyone on the cast just sat there waiting for the punchline.

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