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Thread: Communitoid Episode 005 - Do You Even Lift?

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    Communitoid Episode 005 - Do You Even Lift?

    Here's the slightly longer than usual Communitoid Episode 005 - Do You Even Lift? This week Joanna experienced the glory of jump kicking zombies, Conor gives Aaron the perfect plan for a holiday suicide note, Andy's net connection is terrible and he hates you all, and guest host StriderHoang doubts you even lift. We also talk about the Anita "Starkid" Sarskeesian controversy for the first and last time ever. Enjoy the final Communitoid ever due to the upcoming Mayan Apocalypse!
    SPOILER ALERT! We talk about The Dark Knight Rises, and mention something that may or may not be spoilerly from 1 hour 30 seconds until 1 hour 40 seconds. We also talk about the end of Dead Island from 1 hour 6 minutes and 35 seconds until 1 hour 7 minutes and 5 seconds.

    PS: While mentioning RTS Total Annihilation Conor meant to say Chris Taylor when he said Chris Carter, and while talking about Nintendo Power Mxy said Howard Lincoln instead of Howard Phillips. Oops.

    Opening and closing themes by Adam AcH (

    Show logo by the incredible ZombiePlatypus

    Break song: Feed the Dada (AdamAcH Remix) - DaDa Life (

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    Fraggle Rock was definitely HBO. Later along there was a cartoon series of Fraggle Rock. That was not HBO.

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    Got caught up the other day, loved it! My ears burnt slightly

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    God dammit! Why? Why did you have to talk for such a long time about Anita? I never cared about her, never minded too much about the whole thing, but now I know because I didn't wanna skip it, and I'm not happier that I know all about that matter.

    Other than that, awesome podcast, and the break song should've been a Christmas song, even though I too hate it, but it would be a nice troll on your part.
    And I don't mind having that bit after the break or in the initial part of the podcast.

    Hear ya all next year

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Toneman (far right) on Portlandia with a Mr. Dtoid/Shufflebot lookalike (
    I love this.

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    Huh. What episode was that on? Looks like it was in the sing song at the start of the series.

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    Hasn't aired yet, believe it's from next season.

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    Is anyone doing transcripts? Maybe an unrealistic notion yet it would be cool if someone were to spend the time and effort required. I almost never listen to podcasts simply because they're so long, but could probably read one in like, ten minutes.


    Or if someone knows of an Xbox app that would be pretty awesome too. My pc would probably lag, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Mxy Yost View Post
    Hasn't aired yet, believe it's from next season.
    Interesting. It is an awfully Toidy Robot.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Legendhead View Post
    Or if someone knows of an Xbox app that would be pretty awesome too. My pc would probably lag, etc.

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    I meant a dedicated app, like the one they have for Youtube. Actually do we have these on Youtube? That would be awesome.

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    But you want something for... reading a transcript? Only thing I can think of that could do that on a 360 is IE.

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    MMM ok. You're not tracking the evolution of thought here. At first I thought transcripts would be cool, then that train of thought rolled on down the line and suddenly Youtube! Youtubes errywhere

    I'm saying Communitoid should have a Youtube channel. If it doesn't already.

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    What for? Video'd podcasts would be a bit much. And isn't the youtube app gone now because IE does it but not as well? I don't know, I have a computer.

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    The Youtube app is still there, in America at least. I assume you guys have it too. As far as why, why not? It'd be so much easier to get people listening if we/they/w/e were to use an easily disseminable format.

    (btw disseminable is a real word, I looked it up)

    Also just noticed your edit. You wouldn't have to video record the podcasters, obviously, just insert the logo for the visuals. People do that, it's normal.

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    ...just to listen to it? Stick it on a flash drive and put that in the box.

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    That's a good idea. You know what's even better? Something that doesn't require a flash drive.

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    There's no way that not using a flash drive to do what I said is easier or more sensible.

    You really that averse to physical media? Stream it over the network.

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    Actually it is. But you seem to have your mind made up, so w/e

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    On an Xbox 360 there really isn't.

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