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Thread: Should I buy Singularity?

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    Should I buy Singularity?

    I want to get hyped for BioShock Infinite. Currently I'm playing Dishonored, but I'm doing a stealth playthrough, and it's a slow affair. Saw Singularity released a (long) while back but completely ignored it. I like the concept, a lot, but is it worth it?

    Did you guys play it? What did you think? Recommend?
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    It's made by Raven, who make good, but not great games. I beat it on 360, then again on the hardest difficulty if I recall right. Bit of a twist at the end (What a twist!), and the multiplayer is more dead than arrow to the knee jokes.
    Still, fun is to be had if you just want to shoot things in the face.

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    If you like Bioshock, you'll at least enjoy Singularity. It has a very similar feel to it. I was pleasantly surprised when I Gamefly'd it and ended up keeping it I liked it so much.

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    Jim Sterling quite likes it, so if that counts as a good thing for you as it does for me, than take that as a point in it's favor.

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